Does BBS wheels still exist?

Does BBS wheels still exist?

In 2020, BBS GmbH filed for bankruptcy but is still operating.

Where are BBS wheels manufactured?

Located in Takaoka-City, BBS Japan creates the forgings for all of our forged road and racing wheels. Hydraulic forging presses up to 9000 tons are used to produce the forgings that will become a BBS wheel. Back in 1983, this facility produced the die-forged “RS” design wheel that is still an icon today.

What are mesh wheels?

Mesh wheels are made for creative flair as well as performance. From turbine styles to directional split spokes to give the illusion of speed and sleek, sculptural flow forged wheels, these designs are for drivers who demand more. With spokes set against the dish, mesh gives you plenty of scopes to play with color.

What is special about BBS wheels?

BBS has produced many cast flow-formed wheels for OE customers like BMW, Ferrari and Porsche. This technology can produce a high performance product that is also a great value. BBS started making high performance products back in 1970 and that is still the heart of the brand today.

Are all BBS made in Germany?

Today, BBS is not just a small company located in the Black Forest region of Germany. BBS has a worldwide presence and we design, test and manufacture all of our own products and technologies.

Are BBS wheels aluminum?

BBS uses the low-pressure aluminum casting technique to manufacture our base light alloy wheels. As with all our products, the stiffness to weight ratio is also achieved with our cast wheels.

Why are BBS rims so popular?

Evidently, automakers wanted a piece of the very fruitful pie that BBS was baking, resulting in them becoming the go-to brand for wheels. BMW, Lexus, and Ford were some of the exclusive automobile manufacturers that not just utilized their wheels but unwittingly endorsed them.

Where can I buy BBS wheels?

Competition Motorsport carries a wide selection of BBS wheels to fit nearly every application. Give one of our BBS experts a call at (844) 438-7244 and we’ll help you choose a set that’s perfect for your needs.

Why choose BBS forged line wheels?

If exceptional performance is what you’re after, BBS Forged Line wheels are the way to go! Forged by applying up to 18 million pounds of pressure to a billet of high-grade 6000 series… RG-R Diamond Silver with Clear Coat Wheels by BBS®. If exceptional performance is what you’re after, BBS Forged Line wheels are the way to go!

Why choose BBS rims?

Based on many decades of successful performance in motorsports, BBS should be rightfully regarded to as one of the leaders in design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom rims.