Does Blackberry passport still work?

Does Blackberry passport still work?

Blackberry phones will stop working on January 4, signaling the end of an era for the iconic cellphone. Blackberry users said goodbye to the iconic device on January 4, 2022. The phone’s legacy software was decommissioned, meaning all classic Blackberry phones can no longer be used.

What operating system does blackberry passport use?


Platform OS BlackBerry OS 10.3, upgradable to 10.3.2
Chipset Qualcomm MSM8974AA Snapdragon 801 (28 nm)
CPU Quad-core 2.26 GHz Krait 400
GPU Adreno 330

When was Blackberry passport released?

2014BlackBerry Passport / Introduced

Is BlackBerry priv still supported?

The company did note that some BlackBerry devices using the Android operating system will still work. These include models launched from 2015 to 2018, starting with the BlackBerry Priv to the BlackBerry Evolve X. The decision to end BlackBerry support was first made public in September 2020.

How good is BlackBerry Passport?

Beyond its initial impression, the Passport feels fantastic. Its construction and material quality are top-notch. The phone is built around an exposed metal frame and is quite hefty, but you know just by looking at it that it’s a very premium device.

Is BlackBerry OS still supported?

Updated December 22, 2021: As a reminder, the legacy services for BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier, BlackBerry 10 software, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and earlier versions, will no longer be available after January 4, 2022.

Is BlackBerry Passport 3G or 4G?

4G speeds delivered by HSPA+ (with enhanced backhaul) and LTE, where applicable. Not available everywhere.

Will my BlackBerry Priv still work after January 2022?

As a result of BlackBerry’s decision to decommission select devices, impacted customers will need to upgrade to another device before January 4, 2022. For those continuing to use their device after Jan 4, 2022, talk, data, text messaging and 9-1-1 functionality will no longer reliably function.

Is BlackBerry coming back 2022?

This smartphone branding partnership was announced back in 2020, near the end of BlackBerry’s previous contract with TCL. As a result, OnwardMobility has said it will release a new 5G “enterprise” BlackBerry Android smartphone in 2022, complete with the iconic physical keyboard.

Is BlackBerry coming out with a new phone in 2021?

BlackBerry 5G 2021 release date and price When OnwardMobility licensed the BlackBerry brand, it announced in mid-2020 that it would release a new phone in North American and European markets sometime in the first half of 2021.