Does Citrix support 4 monitors?

Does Citrix support 4 monitors?

Multi-monitor support feature enables customers to work with multiple published application sessions or desktop sessions or a mix of both application & desktop sessions delivered through Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop.

Can Citrix support 3 monitors?

Server OS VDAs (Virtual Apps / XenApp) – Supports up to 8 monitors. Display resolution is only limited by the Windows OS capabilities or the available video memory for the machine. The amount of video memory that a Citrix session can consume can be configured via Citrix policy. Windows 10 – Supports up to 8 monitors.

Can you use Citrix on multiple monitors?

Place the Citrix Desktop Window spanning on both the monitors. Click the down arrow and select “Full Screen” button on the Desktop Viewer menu bar. Your Virtual Desktop will refresh and will be expanded to both screens.

Why is Citrix blurry?

You may notice that the text in your hosted application appears blurry when you are using a high definition monitor. This will happen if the Windows Operating System is applying font scaling on the Citrix Receiver program. The screen looks blurry or pixilated.

What is Citrix display only adapter?

Citrix Display Only (DOD) – This is the standard adapter used for all Citrix sessions when there is no GPU detected on the VDA. GPU Vendor’s – This may be one of the GPU adapters from NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel that Citrix supports for HDX 3D Pro workloads as documented in CTX131385.

How do I setup dual monitors in Citrix workspace?

Using Citrix Virtual Desktops on dual monitors:

  1. Click Multimonitor in the toolbar.
  2. An extended window is created. Drag the window to the extended monitor. The screen is now extended to both the monitors.

How do I use Citrix on two screens Mac?

Multiple monitorsUsers can set Citrix Workspace app for Mac to work in full-screen mode across multiple monitors.

  1. Select the Desktop Viewer and click the down arrow.
  2. SelectWindow.
  3. Drag the Citrix Virtual Desktops screen between the monitors. Ensure that about half the screenis present in each monitor.

Can you use dual monitors on Remote Desktop?

Can you use multiple displays in a Remote Desktop Session? Yes, you are able use multiple displays with Windows 7 or newer.

How do I increase the resolution of Citrix?


  1. Right-click Citrix Workspace app from the notification area.
  2. Select Advanced Preferences and click High DPI. The DPI settings dialog appears.
  3. Change the settings as required.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Restart the Citrix Workspace app session for the changes to take effect.

How do I fix my Citrix display?


  1. Logoff all ICA session and exit Receiver.
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\
  3. Locate wfica32.exe and right-click it, choose Properties -> Compatibility-> Change High DPI Settings – Check the Override high DPI scaling behavior and ensure that the Application option is selected.
  4. Click OK.

What does a Citrix indirect display adapter do?

Citrix Indirect Display (IDD) – This adapter is used in sessions where a GPU is detected but no Citrix supported vendor driver is found. It can be considered as “generic” GPU support.

What’s new in Citrix Receiver for Windows?

Improved DPI support in Receiver 4.10 Starting with this release, Citrix Receiver for Windows provides improved support for handling high DPI monitors in a session. You can now use multiple monitors with different DPI settings. Using this feature, you can scale the sessions to the monitor DPI settings or use the native session’s resolution.

Does Citrix Receiver for Windows support high DPI monitors?

When user launches an application using an extended monitor, the mouse is offset. It works fine with one monitor but cursor is offset when used with extended monitor. Starting with this release, Citrix Receiver for Windows provides improved support for handling high DPI monitors in a session.

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