Does Days of Future Past have a post credit scene?

Does Days of Future Past have a post credit scene?

“Days of Future Past” screenwriter Simon Kinberg told Cinemablend it will not take place in the past. Instead, the end-credits scene is just a setup to show off Apocalypse’s power and his God-like presence.

What happens at the end of Days of Future Past?

Essentially, Future Past leaves all Terminator Theorems behind and enters firmly into Back to the Future territory. Wolverine fixed the past; the woman he loves is alive again. For the first time ever, an X-Men movie ends with a status quo that basically resembles the comic books….

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Who are the mutants at the beginning of Days of Future Past?

A quick guide to Bishop, Sunspot, Warpath and Blink

  • Played by: Omar Sy.
  • Played by: Adan Canto.
  • Played by: Booboo Stewart.
  • Played by: Fan Bingbing.

Who was the mutant at the End of Days of Future Past?

En Sabah Nur
The villain’s real name is En Sabah Nur and he was born nearly 5,000 years ago in Marvel lore. He is widely regarded as the first and possibly most powerful mutants in history.

What happened to Wolverine After Days of Future Past?

But in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Logan changed the timeline when he traveled through time. As a result, we are now in a new timeline. The original timeline no longer exists. That’s why at the end of Days of Future Past, both Jean and Scott are alive despite having died during The Last Stand.

Is Major Stryker a mutant?

The official claims that Stryker has gone too far as a result of his anger at the death of his wife. It is then revealed that this is due to his son, who turns out to be a mutant, indicating the source of his hatred of the mutant race.

Did Mystique saves Wolverine?

However, perhaps the most confusing moment in DOFP came in its final twist. Once the timeline has been successfully altered, 1970s Wolverine is rescued by Mystique in the guise of William Stryker.

Is the Human Torch in Days of Future Past?

Although some casual fans of the X-Men movie franchise may have thought it was the Human Torch flying around in [easyazon_link identifier=”B00KIGRRRU” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]X-Men: Days of Future Past[/easyazon_link], it was actually Sunspot.

Why was Rogue cut from Days of Future Past?

The actress, who played Rogue in the first three X-Men films, shot scenes for the 2014 movie, but they later ended up on the cutting room floor due to time constraints.

Is Stryker a mutant?

Stryker learned from articles by Charles Xavier that his son was a mutant. He became convinced that Satan had a plot to corrupt humankind by taking over their souls while still in the womb, resulting in their mutations.

What happened to William Stryker’s son?

Jason Stryker’s appearance (as well as his telepathic power) are somewhat reminiscent of the X-Men foe Legion. In the official video-game, Jason is revealed to be still alive.

What year did days of Future Past come out?

X-Men: Days of Future Past premiered in New York City on May 10, 2014, and was theatrically released on May 23 by 20th Century Fox. The film received positive reviews, drawing favorable notices for its story, visual effects, action scenes, score, acting, and thematic elements.

Is days of Future Past a X-Men movie?

X-Men: Days of Future Past is a 2014 American superhero film directed and produced by Bryan Singer and written by Simon Kinberg from a story by Kinberg, Jane Goldman, and Matthew Vaughn.

How much did days of Future Past make on opening weekend?

Worldwide, X-Men: Days of Future Past earned $262.8 million during its opening weekend, the highest worldwide opening weekend for an X-Men film.

Was Evan Jonigkeit in days of Future Past?

In January 2014, Evan Jonigkeit had been cast as the younger version of Toad. Stan Lee, co-creator of the X-Men, was scheduled to shoot a cameo appearance in late August 2013 at Montreal, Canada, but ultimately chose to attend the Fan Expo in Toronto instead. X-Men: Days of Future Past had a production budget of $205 million.