Does JB Hi-Fi ship internationally?

Does JB Hi-Fi ship internationally?

International orders take at least 2 – 4 weeks for Air Mail delivery (on rare occasions, international delivery can take up to 12 weeks). When placing an international order please note that you’ll be responsible for any import duties, taxes or other import related costs for the country the order is going to.

How many stores does JB Hi-Fi have?

303JB Hi-Fi / Number of locations

What sells JB Hi-Fi?

JB offer the world’s leading brands of Computers, Tablets, TVs, Cameras, Hi-Fi, Speakers, Home Theatre, Portable Audio, the largest range of games, recorded music, DVD music, Blu-Ray and DVD movies and TV shows and stacks more all at cheap prices!

Is JB Hi-Fi Australia only?

JB Hi-Fi Limited is a publicly-listed Australian retailer that sells and specialises in consumer goods. JB Hi-Fi has locations in Australia and New Zealand….JB Hi-Fi.

Type Public
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Number of locations 303
Key people Greg Richards (Chairman) Richard Murray (CEO; outgoing)

Does JB Hi Fi ship to Canada?

Americans who order packages from places like Jb Hifi have no worries. There are options available that will allow you to ship items ordered from e-commerce stores like Jb Hifi to your house or office address in Canada.

Does JB Hifi ship to New Zealand?

JB Hi-Fi uses Courier post to deliver our small parcels and consumer electronics. All products must be delivered to a New Zealand address.

How many stores does JB Hi-Fi have in 2020?

The JB Hi-Fi Group With almost 200 stores (JB Hi-Fi and JB Hi-Fi Home) throughout Australia and New Zealand, JB Hi-Fi delivers the world’s leading brands in consumer electronics, mobile devices, games and consoles, music and audio systems, home theatres, car sound, instruments, cooking appliances and whitegoods.

Where is JB Hi-Fi headquarters?

Southbank, AustraliaJB Hi-Fi / Headquarters

Who are JB Hi-Fi customers?

Men account for nearly 3.3 million of those customers, with women comprising the remaining 2.7 million. Interestingly, while JB Hi-Fi attracts significantly more men than women (just under 2 million men compared to 1.3 million women), their customer satisfaction is higher among women than men.

Do JB Hi Fi deliver TVs?

Delivery Only: JB Hi-Fi’s nominated delivery/installation service provider will deliver the TV to the specified room in your Premises. This service does not include unpacking or connection of any type (eg cables, power), wall or cabinet mounting, removal of packaging, or removal or handling of old TVs.

Where is JB HIFI head office?

Did JB Hi-Fi get job keeper?

Under Murray’s lead, JB Hi-Fi did not take any of the JobKeeper subsidies. Despite Harvey Norman’s profits doubling during the pandemic, Gerry Harvey has ignored political pressure to pay back the $22 million his company received from the JobKeeper program.