Does MadCap Flare support SVG?

Does MadCap Flare support SVG?

Getting crisp, detailed images into MadCap Flare projects and keeping the file size small enough for web use can be tricky. But it is possible to achieve with svgs and a bit of faffing about with cropping and conversions.

Why use MadCap Flare?

Multi-channel Publishing MadCap Flare allows you to publish your content with one click of a button. Flare also enables you to publish content in multiple formats with a single set of source files. The formats are responsive, web, print, desktop, and mobile.

What is MadCap capture?

Welcome to MadCap Capture, which lets you capture anything that displays on your computer screen and enhance the image using a variety of features. A robust set of features for editing images. Tight integration with MadCap Flare and other MadCap Software applications.

Is MadCap Flare easy to use?

Pros: We use MadCap Flare to create our help for our enterprise software solution. The generated documentation – as PDF as well as interactive website – is easy to use and looks nice. Cons: It’s sometimes a bit unintuitive to use. Collaboration is difficult.

Is MadCap Flare XML?

XML and MadCap Flare All Flare files are separate XHTML and XML documents—topics, TOCs, browse sequences, targets, skins, snippets, glossaries, destinations, condition tag sets, variable sets, and more. This means that Flare projects are completely open, transparent, and accessible.

Is MadCap Flare a DITA tool?

There are many more details that we don’t have space for here, but to summarize, MadCap Software has built Flare to provide the same content-reuse and multi-channel publishing benefits of a DITA type (or other XML-based) system, but without the programming needs and IT overhead — we put the power and the flexibility in …

Is MadCap Flare any good?

“MadCap Flare: great tool with great support” There are numerous ways to perform tasks, including easy-to-use wizards. You can use the WYSIWYG XML Editor, or if you like getting your hands dirty with a little coding, you can use the Text Editor. MadCap Flare’s support is the best I’ve ever seen.

What is MadCap mimic?

MadCap Mimic is an easy-to-use software simulation and multimedia tool that lets you create interactive movies, videos, simulations, presentations and tutorials. New Video File Format Support + Access to Video Services such as YouTube® and Vimeo® And much more!

Is MadCap Flare a CCMS?

MadCap Flare uses an adapted version of HTML as the source format. Paligo on the contrary is based on robust, semantically rich industry standard XML. Paligo provides an all-in-one CCMS platform with authoring, content management, versioning, branching, release workflows, publishing, translation management built in.

Is Madcap Flare hard to learn?

Cons: It is literally impossible to learn Madcap Flare by yourself, you will probably need to watch a lot of tutorials. Even after that you might need some assistance when it comes to complex projects but thankfully they have very helpful customer support. Overall: I use Flare every day, for a variety of projects.