Does the iPod 5th gen have a camera?

Does the iPod 5th gen have a camera?

The final entry-level 16 GB and original 32 GB and 64 GB configurations of the iPod touch 5th Gen also have two cameras, but they’re higher quality — a front-mounted 720p “FaceTime HD” camera that takes 1.2 megapixel photos and a rear 5 megapixel 1080p “iSight” camera.

Is the camera good on iPod touch?

It’s also relatively inexpensive, and could be a ideal entertainment device. be warned though: the camera isn’t great, and anyone who uses an iPhone 5S or higher will miss having Touch ID.

Do iPod touch 5th generation still work?

Your iPod Touch 5 will still work and function as it always has, but will no longer receive any more app updates some time in the foreseeable future. The final app updates your 5th gen iPod Touch will end up receiving will be their last!

What is the iPod Touch with no camera?

Apple Launches New 16 GB iPod Touch With No Rear Camera for $229. Apple today made a quiet update to its iPod touch lineup, launching a new 16 GB fifth-generation model without a rear camera for $229.

Is an iPod touch good for a 10 year old?

I think 10 yrs above are old enough to get an iPod, but they should be reminded to be a responsible user and the games installed should be good for them and for their brain like puzzle games, not those brutal games.

Do iPods take good pictures?

With the thickness comes higher quality, larger images, and the ability to auto focus. Both of the iPod’s cameras are lacking the ability to auto focus. This results in your iPod photography being more holga photography than sharp shots.

Can you get Spotify on iPod Touch 5th gen?

Though you have the iPod touch 6th, you will suck on playing Spotify on it if it is under iOS 10. However, situations will be different when you have fully downloaded Spotify Music. With the Spotify fully downloaded, you can sync the Spotify Music to iPod touch 4th/5th/6th generation for playing.