Does the Mackie Thump 15a have Bluetooth?

Does the Mackie Thump 15a have Bluetooth?

The built-in 3-channel digital mixer features Vita+ preamps with 3-band EQ per channel, application-specific speaker modes, user presets and more….

Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
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Is Mackie a good brand?

Answer: Mackie overall has good quality speakers. They have an extensive catalog and anyone can find speakers that they need, whether you want speakers to watch TV or are mixing music. If the CR3 speakers aren’t to your liking, take a look at other Mackie speakers.

Are Mackie speakers any good?

The CR range from Mackie is a firm favorite due to the excellent value they offer. Aggressively priced they are an excellent option for beginners. With very decent sound output, improved build quality, and a striking design. They are among the best value creative reference multimedia monitors currently available.

Where are Mackie speakers made?

Mackie also stepped up production at the manufacturing facility in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Who owns Mackie audio?

Transom Capital Group acquired the company in October 2017, renaming it LOUD Audio, LLC and within 12 months had divested itself of brands Ampeg, Martin Audio and EAW, leaving Mackie as the sole surviving subsidiary….LOUD Audio.

Type Private company
Brands Mackie
Number of employees 122

What is the Mackie th-12a powered loudspeaker?

The Mackie TH-12A Powered Loudspeaker delivers proven Mackie performance and quality in a portable design that delivers real-world power with superior midrange for vocal and acoustic applications.

What makes the Mackie thump12a so good?

Complete with a durable road-ready enclosure and robust system protection, The Mackie Thump12A is primed to handle any gig. The Thump12A pumps out a massive amount of sound for its size. Its high-output woofer generates ample quantities of throbbing bass, and its 1.4″ titanium dome driver ensures even, wide dispersion.

What is the difference between the th12a and th15a?

I also bought the TH15A on Amazon, which is a great package – has a 50″ cable, 15″ 400W Powered Speaker and a tripod stand to mount the speaker in a hall or when using it Live. The Th12A (this product) has the same wattage but has a smaller speaker (12″) and doesn’t come with the accessories I mentioned above.

What kind of amplifier does Mackie use?

In Stock! Armed with a 12″ low-frequency driver, Mackie’s redesigned Thump12A features a Class D amplifier with their proprietary Dynamic Bass Response for detailed midrange and abundant bass that are ideal for small venues, such as coffeehouses.