Does upstand have to match worktop?

Does upstand have to match worktop?

ANSWER: Hi May, Upstands for kitchen worktops are a recommended accessory that help to blend the worktop into the room, whilst also protecting any walls adjacent to the countertop. Whilst it is usually recommended to choose an upstand that matches your worktop, this is only for stylistic purposes.

What size are worktop Upstands?

In kitchen terms, an upstand is a small strip of kitchen worktop, glass or acrylic usually 100-150mm in height that fits in the rear wall edge of your kitchen worktop.

What are Upstands on worktops?

An upstand is an extension of the worktop which goes from 60 to 120mm up the wall and features along the entire length of the worksurface. A splashback is much taller, usually covering the whole height of the kitchen wall.

Are Upstands a good idea?

An upstand not only provides an aesthetic purpose, but can also be used to cover the gap between a straight worktop and an uneven wall. We recommend that upstands are attached directly to the wall using a suitable adhesive, allowing the worktop to move underneath if needed.

Do you put Splashback on top of upstand?

Personally, I think if you are having an upstand and a splashback it is entirely up to you whether you sit the glass above the upstand, or leave a gap for the glass to go in between the upstands. The glass splashback you choose and the worktop material should inform your choice.

What is laminate upstand?

Laminate worktop upstands are easy to install and can be fixed in place using a waterproof silicone. Comprised of a composite chipboard core and a durable laminate decorative top layer, these upstands can be cut to size easily on site, using a jigsaw or circular saw.

How big should an upstand be?

At a door threshold, the standard acknowledges that locally a 75mm upstand height is acceptable, but either side must step up, and drainage must fall away from the ‘pinch point’.

Do you Mitre worktop Upstands?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Kitchen Fitters Any external joints should be cut with a nice sharp mitre saw or with a sharp hand saw and a mitre block. Attach the 2 using a mitre bond which dries in about 10-15 seconds, this gives a tight joint.

Do you silicone Upstands?

Installing Wooden Upstands Worktop upstand installation is a relatively straightforward task. Attach it to the wall using a water-resistant silicone.

Do Upstands go behind hob?

It is not recommended to have laminate upstands around the hob area. The solution would be to either use granite, which can go behind the hob or use a splashback or tiles behind the hob instead.

Do you tile on top of upstand?

Tiles are widely used to protect walls behind kitchen work surfaces, and whilst they are suitable in some circumstances (such as behind a cooker hob), we believe that an upstand helps to merge the worktop into the kitchen in a more attractive way. Of course, you can still use tiles above the upstand if you wish.

Why choose a Coco Bolo worktop?

The coco bolo worktop is Irresistible and unique, it’s what WilsonArt are renowned for. Why not check out some of our other laminate worktops that brilliant replicate solid wood?

What kind of worktop does Wilsonart use in Mississippi pine?

Wilsonart Laminate Worktop with matching splashback in Mississippi Pine, installed in a residential kitchen. Kitchen island with Wilsonart Earthstone in Gemini, with Wilsonart Laminate worktops and matching splashbacks in Mississippi Pine.

What is the best alternative to a wooden worktop?

The Coco Bolo worktop is the perfect alternative to a wooden worktop. It’s opulent wood-effect will bring any kitchen design to life whether traditional or contemporary.