Experts’ Global- There is no betteroption for MBA Admission Consulting or GMAT Prep

Experts’ Global- There is no betteroption for MBA Admission Consulting or GMAT Prep

Description:Here is a detailed article on Experts’ Global, one of the best EdTech firms in the field of GMAT online preparation, GMAT test series, GMAT classes in Noida, and MBA admission consulting.

Experts’ Global- There is no better option for MBA Admission Consulting or GMAT Prep

There is a great crowd of firms, in the world of GMAT prep and MBA admissions consulting and there is one firm that stands out among them, Experts’ Global. The firm’s repute has already spread far and wide, with students and applicants from over 50 countries, choosing to come to Experts’ Global.

About the Company

Mr. Mayank Srivastava, a Boston University MBA graduate, founded the firm in 2008. Experts’ Global’s central conceit has always been providing international level education, through the latest technology. Till date, their education and training have helped thousands of students, worldwide, secure seats at some of the world’s most prominent business schools. Today, one out of every 10 Indians in the US Top 50 schools, has worked with Experts’ Global. This fine firm is staffed by a dedicated and enthusiastic team, who take immense pride in their work and in being as efficient as possible. Let us take a look at some of the fine services that Experts’ Global offers.

GMAT Online Preparation

Experts’ Global has developed the world’s most advanced GMAT Preparation Program. A big part of what makes it the most advanced is that it is the most complete. It includes more than 300 instructional videos, of various kinds, and more than 4000 questions, for practice. The program also includes an analysis system that has been a major help to Experts’ Global’s GMAT students, in understanding their weaknesses.

GMAT Mock Tests

Experts’ Global has designed 15 full-length GMAT practice tests that are almost perfectly representative of the GMAT. This is more than twice what you would find in even the most complete other test series. One thing that has really stood out to Experts’ Global’s students is how well these tests were able to predict the scores that they got on the GMAT Prep mocks, and even the real GMAT, itself. The tests also make use of a GMAT-like testing screen (as do the practice exercises), so they provide the realest GMAT experience. Each practice question also has a very effective solution video.

GMAT Classroom Program

In addition to the online program, Experts’ Global also has a small classroom program, for GMAT prep. The classes are taught over the weekends, by Mr. Srivastava. As a someone who has scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT, Mr. Srivastava has an excellent understanding of the nuances of the GMAT and is very enthusiastic in sharing it with his students. He makes great use of every minute of his time, even arranging to stay back after the classes have ended, to answer any lingering doubts. Mr. Srivastava’s instruction has proven to be a great asset to his students, especially in answering quant questions. Keep in mind though that Experts’ Global’s class sizes are quite small, so if you are interested, enquire as soon as possible.

MBA Admissions Consulting

Experts’ Global’s only works with a limited number of applicants, every year, in order to make sure that each student gets all the attention that they need. In fact, Experts’ Global provides much more support than any other admissions consultant, that is to say, they provide support for every step of the admissions process. The results of this approach speak for themselves, over the last ten years; Experts’ Global students have gained admission to every one of the world’s top one hundred and fifty institutes.

ISB Admissions Consulting

Experts’ Global is particularly good at handling ISB admissions. In response to ISB’s popularity (half of all Indian GMAT aspirants apply to ISB), Experts’ Global has made sure to develop an exceptional understanding of the of ISB’s process. Every year, 90% of Experts’ Global’s ISB aspirants receive interview callbacks.

MBA Interview Preparation

As part of their “end to end consultancy”, Experts’ Global also provides training to improve their students’ admission interview skills. The core of this program is a series of mock interviews, conducted by an experienced interview mentor, who also provides extensive feedback to the student, after every mock. The program begins, however, with fifteen exhaustive video essays on every aspect of the MBA interview process. The student is then tested on the videos, with 30 of the most common MBA interview questions, which helps the mentor understand just how much they have absorbed.

Experts’ Global’s offerings are an invaluable resource, for those looking to secure a competitive edge in the GMAT and MBA admissions. Definitely a name that every B-School aspirant, should know.