How big are the balconies on Azura?

How big are the balconies on Azura?

Layout (floor plan)

Max passengers: 4
Cabin size: 165 ft2 / 15 m2
Balcony size: 45 ft2 / 4 m2
Location (on decks): 8-E, 9-D, 10-C, 11-B, 12-A, 14-Riviera, 15-Lido
Type (categories): (HA, HB, HC, HD, HE, HF) Balcony cabins

Has Azura been refitted?

(11 a.m. GMT) — P&O Cruises has confirmed Azura will head to the shipyard in Ferrol, North Spain, for a multimillion-pound update from April 3, 2020, following the ship’s European repositioning.

When did Azura last have a refit?

P&O Cruises Azura sets sail for a multimillion-pound refit in April 2020. After 10 years at the heart of the P&O Cruises fleet, the much-loved family favourite deserves a little TLC – and P&O Cruises are giving her the full treatment to get her ready for her seasons in the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the Caribbean.

Where is PO ship Azura?

P&O says the Azura’s home port of Southampton does not have space for all its ships, so its fleet have been moved around UK ports for essential maintenance. Since January 21, the Azura has been berthed in the Port of Tyne.

Which deck is best on Azura?

We always choose C deck on Azura/Ventura….. I love the balconies… I prefer more room on the balcony than in the cabin and we are not fussed about having a bath. With C deck you have the choice of sitting privately in the shade or of being more ” exposed”.

Are there any single cabins on the Azura?

Azura single cabins The only single cabins available on this ship are inside cabins and outside cabins, which have a window but no balcony. This is handy for meeting other single passengers and also for getting around the ship.

Is Azura a nice ship?

Azura really is a lovely ship. It isn’t the most modern or up to date. The balcony cabins were perfectly adequate, again clean, not really spacious but roomy enough and great balcony space. The beds are very comfortable.

Which is the best ship Azura or Britannia?

As cruise ships, Britannia is our favourite in the fleet (we prefer to cruise on Aurora, but that’s more about passenger profile versus the bigger ships) and Azura our least favourite. As stated already, the main downsides of Britannia are lack of promenade deck and shallow balconies.

Has Azura had a refit in 2020?

In April 2020, Azura was set to receive an extensive multi-million-pound refit. This included an overhaul of the open decks incorporating an improved alfresco bar and food experiences, new canopies and deck furniture, and revitalised pool areas.

Is the Azura still in North Shields?

“We are very much looking forward to Azura being back in service, alongside the rest of our fleet, delivering future holidays for our guests.” The ship left Northumbrian Quay in North Shields at around 6.45pm to head to Belfast, Northern Ireland. The vessel will remain in Belfast until it is called back into service.

How many cabins does P&O Azura have?

How many cabins does Azura have? Azura has accommodation to suit everyone. She’s home to 1,557 cabins including 434 Inside, 195 Sea view, 700 Balcony, 182 Superior Deluxe Balcony, 26 Suite, 18 Single and 2 Family cabins.

Does Azura have an indoor pool?

Some mentioned the fact that there is no covered pool or indoor cinema. Instead of an indoor cinema, Azura is the first P&O ship to be able to show movies out on deck on its giant ‘SeaScreen’ (a concept popularised by Princess with its Movies Under The Stars).

How many staterooms are there in Azura cruise ship deck plan?

Azura cruise ship deck plan has 1557 staterooms for 3737 passengers served by 1226 crew. There are 18 passenger decks, 9 with cabins. * Size may vary, see details below. – Walk in dressing area with Iron and Ironing board. Cabins L106 and L107 do not feature a dressing area. They also have a standard bath with fixed shower attachment.

Where can I find Deck Plans for the Azura deck 10?

Cruisedeckplans provides full interactive deck plans for the Azura Deck 10 deck. Just move your mouse over any stateroom and a pop up will appear with detail information, including a full description and floor layout, and a link to pictures and/or videos.

Who is the owner of the Azura cabin and Suite plans?

(A1) Aft-facing Penthouse Suite / named “Peninsular” (A752, portside) and “Oriental” (A753, starboard) Azura cabin and suite plans are property of P&O UK (P&O Cruises) .

Where was the C Deck on the Titanic?

It was the fourth deck, counting from the highest deck, the Boat Deck. The C-deck lays 14 meters above the water line. It started to flood at around 1:25 A.M., which is when the bow of the ship started to go down.