How can I check my nursing registration status in Kerala?

How can I check my nursing registration status in Kerala?

Review Your KNMC Application For cross-checking, go to the relevant section of your application and click view application. You need to enter your date of birth and the application number you have received from the Kerala Nursing Council by email.

How do I download my NUID card?

Download NUID Card without login – Nurses can download NUID Card from the home page using the link “check Enrolment Application Status” without the need to login.

How do I renew my nursing council license?

  1. Open Nursing Council of Kenya Online Service portal NCK Online Service portal.
  2. Select Category or Student or Practitioner.
  3. Click on practitioner and enter Registration Number, ID number and email address.
  4. Enter your personal details and press save.
  5. Click on the tab “registration and licensing tab”

What is NUID passbook?

NUID is the abbreviation for Nurse Unique Identification Number. When the nurse fills the Nurse Details Form and gets it approved by all the officers, a NUID card will be dispatched.

What is NUID number?

Ans. NUID is a Nurse Unique Identity Number which is verifiable and identifiable across the country.

How can I register NUID?

visit: click on new user. choose type of registration. Fill registration form and login again.

How do I register for NUID online?

Online Procedure: visit: click on new user. choose type of registration. Fill registration form and login again.

How do I renew my nursing council license online?

How do I pay my nursing council?

While payments into this account can be made in person at any branch of FNB (First National Bank), electronic means such as Internet banking, cell phone banking, and ATM payments can also be used. Some of these require that a payment beneficiary be set up on your bank/card account.

How to renew Nursing Council registration certificate in Kerala?

After the online renewal process candidates should be sent the printout of online application form, chalan / online payment slip, copy of Nursing Council Registration Certificate to the following address. KNMC Application for Renewal (01/01/2000-31/12/2010) : Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council (KNMC) Renewal of Registration

How can I get KNMC certificate in Kerala?

Kerala Nursing Council Verification For you to successfully obtain the KNMC verification certificate, you have to write an application addressing the registrar with your name, phone number, email address, your address and address of the particular state nursing council, where you wish to send the certificate e.g. Maharashtra nursing council. 1.

What is the registration fee for BSc Nursing in Kerala?

The payment can be done through online (credit & debit cards, internet banking) and challan. The registration fee will be Rs 500/- for candidates studied BSC nursing from Kerala the and Rs1000/- for those candidates studied outside Kerala.

How to apply for Kerala nursing good standing certificate?

Before applying for Kerala nursing good standing certificate you need to make sure that your knmc registration certificate has not expired. In case your certificate has expired, you have to renew your knmc registration first, and then only you can apply for the good standing certificate from Kerala nursing council.