How can I customize my cargo website?

How can I customize my cargo website?

To create a custom cursor upload an image to the Images menu inside of a page, then copy the image’s URL by clicking the ↗ button that appears when hovering over the image. This customization will cycle a list of words, fixed to the center of the screen, with each word rendered as large as possible.

How do I change my font on cargo?

We have partnered with Type Network, as well as a handpicked selection of Google Fonts, and open source fonts. You can find these fonts collected in a drop-down menu inside the Design tab of your Cargo Site’s admin panel. You can style your text by selecting it and pressing the corresponding H1, H2, B, I, or s button.

How do you embed a cargo collective?

How to embed SmartFrames on Cargo Collective

  1. In your web editor, click on Content. Then select the page you wish to edit.
  2. With that page selected, click on the Code View button.
  3. In the Code box, paste your SmartFrame embed.
  4. Apply your changes and click on Save.

How do I change my cargo cursor?

Replace the URL with the URL to your image. To change your cursor while hovering over images or links — add the following rules and use a different image URL. To apply the cursor to a specific page, copy the PID number at the bottom of the Admin panel while editing that page.

Can you upload a font to cargo?

Cargo 2 sites come stocked with an extensive selection of premium typography from our partnership with Type Network. Additionally, we have hand-picked a selection of Google and Open-Source fonts. You can also include fonts from other webfont providers, as well as upload your own.

Can I upload my own font to cargo?

Some webfont services require you to download webfont files and upload them to your own file storage in order to use them. Use these URLs to form @font-face rules; these rules determine how your font is used inside your Cargo Site. Paste the @font-face rules at the top of your CSS. …

Is Cargo Collective easy to use?

Cargo is the platform built by artists, for artists. The layouts are often simple grids or single-image pages with a sidebar. The platform is focused on being portfolio-friendly, with images as centerpieces of the site designs. It’s probably the best bet for the most straightforward, simple website.

Is Cargocollective free?

Cargo Collective is available for free. The free version comes with cloud hosting, a 100MB storage limit, the ability to edit CSS, five membership invites, up to 12 projects, and three pages.

How do I embed Soundcloud in cargo?

To get an embed code for your track or playlist, click the ‘Share’ button below the waveform and an overlay will appear. Click on the embed tab to view what options you have to embed your player. Copy-paste the embed code from ‘Code & preview’.