How can I download ImageMate?

How can I download ImageMate?

Image Mate 2.0 software allows you to interact with your SMART Document Camera 330. Click the download button above to download this executable file to your computer. Double-click the executable. Follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I install ELMO?

Making a Proper Connection

  1. Plug in power cord of the Elmo.
  2. Plug the power cable into the back of the Elmo device.
  3. Insert the other end of the cable into the computer or laptop.
  4. Turn on the projector.
  5. Press the power button on the Elmo device and keep holding the button until a green warm light appears.

How do I connect my ELMO document camera to my computer?

To hook up camera, computer and projector, connect RGB cords as shown and plug in power cords for each: To switch between document camera and computer just push the PC or CAMERA button on the base of the Elmo.

Does ELMO work on Chromebook?

Do I need any software when using my ELMO document camera/visualiser with my Windows PC, Mac or Chromebook? No in general, becuase all ELMO document cameras /visualisers are UVC (USB Video Class) complient.

Is an ELMO a document camera?

ELMO is home to the official document camera. Over 30 years ago, ELMO revolutionized visual presentations by introducing the world’s first document camera, EV-308.

How do I connect my document camera to my computer?

Using Document Cameras on a PC

  1. Using the USB cable required for your computer, connect your computer to the USBmini port on the input panel of the document camera.
  2. Ensure the document camera is plugged into power and turn it on.
  3. You may see a “USB Device Installing” pop-up appear briefly.

How do I project a document camera to my laptop?

  1. How to Connect Your Laptop or Document Camera.
  2. Locate the VGA cable in one of the floor boxes; attach the cable to the VGA port on your laptop or document camera.
  3. Touch the screen to wake the control panel.
  4. If you have questions, suggestions, or would like one-on-one training.
  5. Send the signal from your laptop.

How do I get my document camera to work on my computer?

How to create a document camera?

A document camera can also be used as a document scanner and, in some cases, double as a webcam. How to setup a document camera. A few seconds after unfolding, plugging in, and powering up your document camera, it’s ready to teach. Just aim the camera head straight down on anything from the day’s newspaper to a map of major Revolutionary

How to use the ELMO document camera?

How to Use the Elmo Document Camera • Make sure that your projector is on. o If there is a green light on the underside of the projector, move onto the next step. o If there is no green light, you will need to turn on the projector by pressing the power button on the Epson remote, as shown to the

How to connect Elmo software with a laptop and projector?

computer in port of the projector. 2. Connect your computer to the Elmo – connect the second cable to the RGB in port of your Elmo and plug the other end of the cable into the video (screen icon) port of the computer. You are not quite done. After you have connected the three components with the two cables, make sure to: 1. Power on the Elmo

How does an ELMO document camera work?

How does Elmo document camera work? Now that the Elmo is on and you are projecting you may put anything under the camera to start projecting. Anything that goes under there will be projected through your projector as if it’s a video camera . o The camera arm can move forward and backward. o The light can angle up and down as well as forward or