How can I get 2GB for 200 3G on Airtel?

How can I get 2GB for 200 3G on Airtel?

To activate Airtel 2GB for 200, dial *482#, then follow the prompt message to proceed by selecting in this case Airtel 2GB for 200/14 days (as there are other additional data plans here too). This is by far one of the cheapest data out there, trust me.

Which is the best APN for Airtel?

Airtel APN Settings

Airtel APN Settings 4G/3G/5G Details to Fill
Connection Name Airtel Net
APN (Access Point Names)
Port 8080

What is Airtel APN name?

How to Manually Add or Update Airtel 4G APN Settings on Android

Proxy Blank
Port 8080
Username Blank

How can I get 2GB 300 on Airtel?

Airtel 1.5GB for 300 Code: Recharge ₦300 airtime and dial, *141*2425# on your phone. This is valid for 7 days (1 week) from activation.

How can I get 200 naira to 1GB on Airtel?

Dial *141# and the menu list will be shown. Reply with ‘1’ to select my offer. Another menu list will pop up, just reply ‘2’ to select 1GB for 7 days data plan for 200 naira. Proceed to click OK.

How much is Airtel 2GB data?

As per the latest announced tariff plans of Airtel, the existing pack of ₹298 with 2GB data per day will now cost you ₹359 with 28 days of validity starting November 26 whereas the Jio offers the same pack at ₹249 for 2GB data per day for 28 days period.

How can I get 1GB for 200 for Airtel valid for 7 days?

It’s simple to obtain 1GB for 200 on Airtel for 7 days. Simply send by dialing *141*241#. Then, when the prompt appears, press 2 for Airtel 200 for 200 MB for 7 Days. Check to see if your sim has enough airtime preloaded.

How can I get Airtel 5GB 1000?

How to Activate Airtel 5GB for N1000 plan

  1. Load at least N1,000 on your Airtel line.
  2. Dial *141*242# and choose the data to plan that suite you.

How can I get 1g 200 in Airtel?

How can I get Airtel APN?

In case you have an Android device, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Navigate to Mobile Networks.
  3. Look for Access Point Names and click on it.
  4. Tap on the three dots icon on top and select New APN.
  5. Next, enter Airtel Internet in the Name field.
  6. Type in the APN field in all lower case.

How can I make my Airtel internet faster?

Simple Steps To Increase Airtel Internet 4G Speed

  1. Visit your iPhone settings.
  2. Click on the general.
  3. Click on cellular or mobile network.
  4. Turn on the cellular data options.
  5. Go to the mobile or cellular data.
  6. Click on APN.
  7. Change your Airtel Sim APN setting and save changes.