How can I read IAS Constitution of India?

How can I read IAS Constitution of India?

Aspirants should start reading the Indian Constitution with the preamble because the UPSC has surprised the test takers with a question on it. After the preamble, read the union and its territory and citizenship topics. Give special attention to the fundamental rights, DPSPs and fundamental duties.

What should I read in Indian polity for IAS?

UPSC Books for Polity

  • Class IX NCERT textbook – Democratic Politics-I.
  • Class X NCERT textbook – Democratic Politics-II.
  • Class XI NCERT textbook – Indian Constitution at work.
  • Indian Polity – M. Laxmikanth.
  • Introduction to the Constitution of India – D.D. Basu.
  • India Year Book.

Is laxmikant enough for polity Upsc?

Laxmikant book for Polity till date has been the most reliable book for Indian Polity and Governance section of UPSC for almost all years barring a few which also should be noted as nothing should be missed while preparing for this exam.

Why the Indian constitution is written and largest?

-(i) federal list (ii) state list, (iii) concurrent list; the three lists have been written in detail. (3) Inclusion of fundamental rights and directive principles in the constitution has also made it large, (4) There is a provision for protection of scheduled castes and backward classes in the constitution.

How can I remember the articles of Indian Constitution for UPSC?

In the following sections you will be provided with the easiest of the tricks to remember all the parts and schedules of the constitution. Subscribe to updates….Tricks to Remember Constitution of India.

Eat Part XVII Emergency provisions
Maggie Part XIX Miscellaneous
As Part XX Amendment of the Constitution

What are the topics in Indian polity?

The IAS syllabus for the Indian Polity and Governance includes the following topics.

  • Constitution of India.
  • The preamble of the Constitution.
  • Parliamentary Form of Government.
  • Parliamentary Committees.
  • Union Budget.
  • Federal Structure of India.
  • Judicial System in India.
  • State government in India.

What is the role of Constitution of India in our daily life essay?

constitution matters in our daily life. this helps the govt to take the right decisions at the right time through debates discussions ironing out. constitution guides its essentially maps the framework for the future highlighting how the current situations needs to be modified to move forward.

Who is called Father of the Constitution?

James Madison

Who made our Constitution of India?

On 29 August, 1947, the Constituent Assembly set up a Drafting Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to prepare a Draft Constitution for India. While deliberating upon the draft Constitution, the Assembly moved, discussed and disposed of as many as 2,473 amendments out of a total of 7,635 tabled.

What are the main points of Indian Constitution?

Federal System with Unitar The Indian Constitution includes all the federal characteristics of governance such as dual government system (center and state),division of powers between the three state organs (executive, judiciary and legislature), constitutional supremacy, independent judiciary and bicameralism (lower …

Is M laxmikanth enough for UPSC?

Tips to Study Polity from Textbook ‘ Laxmikanth ‘ for UPSC Exam. Polity is an essential segment of the UPSC syllabus. When it comes to polity, the most recommended book is M Laxmikanth’s ‘Indian Polity’.

Who wrote India’s constitution?

Prem Behari Narain Raizada

Who signed in Tamil Indian Constitution?

Politics. M. C. Veerabahu was a Member of Constituent Assembly. He is the one signed in his mother tongue Tamil language in the original Constitution of India.

How can I get original copy of Indian Constitution?

The original copies of the Indian Constitution, written in Hindi and English, are kept in special helium-filled cases in the Library of the Parliament of India. The original copies of The Constitution are stored in the Library of the Parliament of India.

Who signed constitution first?

George Washington

What is Constitution of India Short answer?

A Constitution is a set of rules and regulations guiding the administration of a country. The constitution of India is the framework for political principles, procedures and powers of the government. It is also the longest constitution in the world with 395 articles and 12 schedules.

How many articles are there in the Constitution?

395 articles

How can I complete laxmikanth polity?

UPSC IAS Exam 2021: 7 Effective Steps to Read Laxmikant Quickly for Indian Polity

  1. First Reading Should Be for Basic Understanding.
  2. Co-relate Chapters in Second Reading.
  3. Make Mind-Maps, Notes, and Tables.
  4. Sort More Time for Important Topics.
  5. Co-relate Chapters with Other Subjects.
  6. Co-relate Chapter with Current Affairs.

Who signed last on Indian Constitution?

Feroze Gandhi

Is Ncert is enough for UPSC?

For the basic concepts and terminologies of economics, NCERT books are enough for IAS Preparation. It is essential to reach the Macroeconomics Class 12th textbook by NCERT because it covers the basic terminologies of an economy which are quite helpful for understanding the growth and development of a country.

Who is the best IAS officer in India?

Top 10 IAS Officers in India

  • The 2010 batch IAS officer is popularly known as the “Miracle Man”.
  • Aruna Sundararajan is the Kerala cadre IAS officer who played a significant role in the development of e-governance in Kerala.
  • Smita Sabharwal is the first lady IAS to be appointed to the Chief Minister Office, which is indeed an inspiration to all.

How many laws are there in Indian Constitution?

The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution for a country, containing 450 articles, 12 schedules, 103 amendments and 117,369 words.

Which article is before IAS?

More about the: We use the definite article the (the proper way).

How do I study the articles of the Constitution?

Original Indian Constitution, when adopted by Constituent Assembly in 1949, had 395 articles and 22 parts….Must-Know Articles of Indian Constitution.

Article Importance
Article 81 Specifies the number of seats in the Lok Sabha
Article 343 Hindi as official language
Article 356 Imposition of President’s Rule in states
Article 370 Special status to Kashmir