How can I relax my white curly hair?

How can I relax my white curly hair?

If you are a Caucasian with curly hair, a hair professional might recommend that you use a No-Lye relaxer, which has a lower pH and is gentler on the hair. They could suggest a No-Lye relaxer if your hair is fine or more delicate, as well. This could prevent dry strands and breakage.

Can you use hair relaxer on white hair?

However, most of the time, hair relaxers are marketed towards ethnic hair. However, they do work on everybody regardless of their race. While relaxers can be used on Caucasian, African, or Asian hair (for example) and any other hair type, hair texture plays is an important consideration when choosing a hair relaxer.

What is the mildest hair relaxer?

Best Gentle: Just for Me No-Lye Regular Conditioning Creme Relaxer. Sure, this formula is targeted towards children, but adults looking for mild results or with sensitive skin can also benefit from this gentle no-lye relaxer.

Can you relax curly hair?

Most women who decide to get their hair relaxed have curly hair who want it to be stick straight without any frizz. Unlike other permanent straightening methods, relaxing your hair will require touch-ups from time to time. You can go to a professional stylist, or you can purchase a hair relaxing kit to be used at home.

What can I use instead of relaxer?

You can use hair chalks, hair paint wax, temporary hair color spray, or get a hair rinse. The fun part of being natural these days is “DIY”, but I suggest visiting a professional stylist when thinking about rinses, bleaches, permanent dyes, and other color treatments.

What is the safest hair relaxer?

Best Overall: Dark and Lovely Moisturizing No-Lye Relaxer with Shea Butter. The results are consistent and the formula claims to protect the five signs of healthy hair: moisture, shine, strength, softness, and body. The kit is also super easy to follow, making it an ideal choice for newbies.

Is a texturizer better than a relaxer?

The difference between a traditional relaxer and a texturizer is that the concentration of the active ingredients differ. “Texturizers are less potent than traditional relaxers, so in theory, they are less damaging to the hair.

How can I soften my natural hair without a relaxer?

Coconut milk treatment

  1. Coconut milk – 1 can.
  2. Honey – 2 tablespoons.
  3. Coconut oil – 2 tablespoons.
  4. Yogurt (plain) – 4 tablespoons.
  5. Lime – 1 (you will need juice)
  6. Cornstarch.

How can I relax my hair without a relaxer?

5 Ways To Make Natural Hair Relaxer At Home

  1. Coconut Cream. Coconut cream is very popular ingredient when it comes to relaxing your hair naturally.
  2. Olive Oil Hair Relaxer. One of the most common ingredient used for hair care is the Olive oil.
  3. Milk Can Do The Trick.
  4. Honey Hair Relaxer.
  5. Cocoa Butter Hair Relaxer Recipe.

How long do Texturizers last?

eight to 10 weeks
You can expect a texturizer for natural hair to last from eight to 10 weeks. After that period, your hair will revert to its natural state, so you’ll need to repeat the treatment to maintain the look. Keep in mind, some people like to wait even longer than two months to get a touch-up.

What is the best relaxer for white hair?

With white or Caucasian hair, some hair stylists recommend relaxers with the active ingredients ammonium thioglycholate or guanidine hydroxide. These products are commonly called “no lye” relaxers. They are gentler than relaxers that contain sodium hydroxide, and therefore easier to control on fine textured or delicate hair.

What is a relaxer for curly hair?

Hair relaxers are used for straightening curly and kinky hair. A hair relaxing treatment usually lasts anywhere between six to eight weeks. A hair relaxer is basically a lotion, cream or serum that alters the structure of curly hair to relax the natural curls, making hair straight or less curly.

Are relaxers only for white people?

There is nothing like relaxers that are specially meant for white people. A relaxer will work on any type of hair, regardless of whether the hair is that of a Caucasian, African or Asian. The ethnicity of a person has nothing to do with the usability or effectiveness of a hair relaxer.

How to choose the right strength of hair relaxer for You?

However, hair texture plays a decisive factor on what strength of hair relaxer one should opt for. If you are a Caucasian with frizzy, dry and curly hair, and wish to use a hair relaxer, you need to opt for a relaxer with a lower strength.