How can I speak to someone about my Outlook account?

How can I speak to someone about my Outlook account?

You may reach our Outlook In-App team, click the question mark icon from your homepage, type the keyword of your concern in the search field, click Yes under Still need help, type your full concern in the box, and then click Send.

How do I email Microsoft Office?

Click File > Share > Email, and then choose one of the following options:

  1. Send as Attachment Opens an email message with a copy of the file in its original file format attached.
  2. Send as PDF Opens an email message with a copy of the file in .
  3. Send as XPS Opens an email message with a copy of the file in .

Does Microsoft have chat support?

Online ChatMicrosoft Corporation / Customer service chat

What is the email address for Microsoft?

Microsoft accounts A Microsoft account is a free account you use to access many Microsoft devices and services, such as the web-based email service (also known as,,, Office Online apps, Skype, OneDrive, Xbox Live, Bing, Windows, or the Microsoft Store.

How do I make a complaint to Microsoft?

Microsoft complaints contacts

  1. Call Customer Care on 1-800-MICROSOFT (1-800-642-7676)
  2. Visit Microsoft Customer Care.
  3. Email Satya Nadella (CEO) on [email protected]
  4. Tweet Microsoft Support.
  5. Watch Microsoft.

How do I send an email from Outlook?

Create and send email in Outlook

  1. Choose New Email to start a new message.
  2. Enter a name or email address in the To, Cc, or Bcc field.
  3. In Subject, type the subject of the email message.
  4. Place the cursor in the body of the email message, and then start typing.
  5. After typing your message, choose Send.

Where do I find my contact list in Outlook?

Click on “Your Contacts” in the left menu bar to view all individual contacts and contact lists for your account.

  1. Once you’ve selected “Your Contacts,” click the blue filtering criteria link at the top right of the contacts pane and choose “Lists” at the bottom of the menu.
  2. Now you will only see your Contact Lists.

How do you send an email in Outlook?

How do I send an Outlook email?

Outlook 2016 for Windows

  1. On the Home tab, select New Email.
  2. Click the.
  3. Within the Send From Other E-Mail Addresses window, click From.
  4. Make sure More columns and Global Address List are selected.
  5. Type the email address of the person you want to send as or send on behalf of and click Go.

Which operating system does MS Outlook support?

Microsoft Outlook

Stable release(s)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Personal information manager
License Trialware

How do I reach a person at Microsoft?

Before contacting Microsoft by phone, find your warranty and product key number so the Microsoft representative can properly assist you. Then, call 1-800-642-7676 to reach a representative.

How do you contact Microsoft support?

Go to the admin center at

  • On the bottom right side of the page,select Help&support.
  • Type a question or keyword into the text box.
  • If the results don’t help,at the bottom,select Contact Support.
  • How do you contact Microsoft Office support?

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    How can I get help with Microsoft Outlook?

    – Open Outlook. – Click the File menu. – Select Account Settings and Account Settings again. – Select your email, then Change. – From here you can double check all of your settings and even test them.

    How to call Microsoft customer support?

    Customer support has become a crowded battlefield in enterprise technology as software vendors from Microsoft Corp. to Inc. rush to arm organizations with tools to create one-stop service centers. The attention is revitalizing the call