How cold is the sea in Brighton?

How cold is the sea in Brighton?

The sea temperature ranges from 5°C (41°F) at the coldest time of the year, at the end of January, to about 20°C (68°F) at the hottest, in mid-August.

How warm is the sea in UK now?

England water temperature today The warmest sea temperature in England today is 10.4°C (in Saint Just), and the coldest water temperature is 5.7°C (Harwich).

What is the sea temperature in Hove today?

Water temperature in Hove today is 8.2°C.

Where is the sea warmest in UK?

The South West, which is famed for its beaches, may be the first choice for many to dip their toes in the water. But the warmest places include Bracklesham Bay, and Weston Bay in the Bristol Channel, which both hit 21.6C on Monday.

Is the sea warm in Brighton?

Brighton sea temperatures peak in the range 16 to 19°C (61 to 66°F) on around the 17th of August and are at their lowest on about the 1st of March, in the range 7 to 8°C (45 to 46°F). Actual sea surface water temperatures close to shore at Brighton can vary by several degrees compared with these open water averages.

What month is the sea warmest?

Land masses in the northern hemisphere are at their coldest in January and at their warmest in mid-July. The sea, however, lags behind; it reaches its extreme values of temperature about a month later in each case, being coldest in February and warmest in late August.

What time of year is the sea warmest UK?

As a general rule, sea temperatures in the UK tend to be at their highest in late August and early September, once the sea has had plenty of summer sunshine.

Can you swim 13 degree water?

12-16 DEGREES: Fresh At this temperature triathlons start operating. In a wetsuit you may find you can swim comfortably for a while, outside of one the water is fresh, doable for the brave, and not a problem for hardened open water lovers.

What sea is in Brighton?

It is a seaside resort on the English Channel, 51 miles (82 km) south of central London.

What temperature is swimming pool water?

about 25.5deg C.
For competitive swimming it is usual for a pool to be maintained at about 25.5deg C. That is a lot cooler, but the temperature promotes easier and deeper breathing and a faster heartbeat.

Is it safe to swim in Brighton sea?

Brighton & Hove’s coastline has winds that come from multiple directions which can cause dangerous wave conditions on the shoreline. Always swim parallel to the shore and stay in your depth. In certain locations and with spring tides the currents can feel like they’re pulling you along and out to sea.

What sea temperature can you swim in?

A brief guide to water temperatures in open water

Temperature Technical term
15 to 20 degrees Alright (once you get used to it)
20 to 25 degrees Balmy
25 to 30 degrees Stifling
30 degrees plus Hot

What is the water temperature in Brighton?

The temperatures given are the sea surface temperature (SST) which is most relevant to recreational users. The graph below shows the range of monthly Brighton water temperature derived from many years of historical sea surface temperature data. The warmest water temperature is in September with an average around 63.3°F / 17.4°C.

Can you swim in the sea in Brighton?

Sea water temperature in Brighton is expected to drop to 9.1°C in the next 10 days. January average water temperature in Brighton is 9.2°C, the minimum temperature is 6.9°C, and the maximum is 11.6°C. Throughout the year, the water temperature in Brighton does not rise above 20°C and therefore is not suitable for comfortable swimming.

What is the sea temperature in Brighton in August?

Based on the data about daily sea water temperature for the last three years the warmest sea in Brighton was noticed in August, September and July. The average sea water temperature in August of 2021 was 18.2°C. The highest and lowest sea temperatures during the month were class=”nb”>18.5°C and 17.8°C.