How did T-ara disband?

How did T-ara disband?

After suffering from an intense backlash, including being removed from several television shows, Hwayoung deleted her Instagram account. On March 6, 2017, MBK Entertainment announced that T-ara will be releasing their final album in May, with Soyeon and Boram terminating their contracts after its release.

What are T-ara fans called?

the Queen’s
More Stories by Jeff. To celebrate T-ara’s sweeping victory in Billboard’s 2015 Fan Army Face-Off, take a look at seven key interactions between the K-pop girl group and their fiercely dedicated fanbase known as the Queen’s.

Is T-ara 2nd gen?

In 2007 and onward, second generation groups such as Girls’ Generation, Kara, T-ara, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Sistar, and Apink revived the popularity girl group domestically in Korea as well as globally through the second phase of Hallyu.

Is T-ara coming back?

After a four year hiatus, T-ARA is back with their single album Re:T-ARA and a music video for the track “TIKI TAKA.” Considering it’s their first comeback in four years, there’s no doubt that many are proud to see T-ARA make a strong return!

Who is the leader of T-ara?


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Qri (큐리) Leader, Vocalist 2009–present
Eunjung (은정) Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper 2009–present
Hyomin (효민) Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer 2009–present
Jiyeon (지연) Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae 2009–present

How many songs does T-ara have?

T-ara’s fifth Korean EP Again was released in October 2013. The EP reached number two on the Gaon Album Chart and yielded a South Korean top-five single titled “Number Nine” (넘버나인)….

T-ara discography
EPs 9
Singles 36
Soundtrack albums 14
Single albums 2

When did hwayoung leave T-ara?

Back in 2012, Hwayoung left the group T-ara after there have been rumors of possible bullying within the group. Since then, Hwayoung appeared in a talk show to confirm that she had been indeed bullied by the T-ara members which had caused her to leave the group.

How many members did T-ara have?

T-ara (티아라) is a girl group formed under MBK Entertainment. They currently consist of 4 members: Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon. T-ara debuted on July 29, 2009 with their single called ‘Lies’.

How old is Jiyeon?

28 years (June 7, 1993)Park Ji-yeon / Age

Who ruined Ara?

TLDR: T-ARA was one of the most successful group in the second gen of kpop, however all of this success was sweeped away with a series of tweets made by the groups members which lead fans to believe Hwayoung was being bullied, this ruined their image almost completely, years later staff members come out and set the …

Who is T-ara leader?

To signify a fresh start for the troubled K-poppers, Qri has been appointed as their new leader. The 26-year-old announced the news during T-ara’s Budokan concert in Japan, officially replacing Soyeon in the leadership role. Unlike most K-pop groups that have fixed leadership, T-ara uses a rotating system.

Which K-pop girl has 7 members?

From the current active groups, K-Pop girl groups that have 7 members are Oh My Girl, CLC, Dream Catcher, ELRIS and DIA.

  • Oh My Girl debuted as 8 and continued as 7 from 2017 after the departure of Jine.
  • Dreamcatcher debuted with 7 members and only promoted as 6 in 2020 because member Handong was absent.