How difficult is Dayara Bugyal?

How difficult is Dayara Bugyal?

In terms of difficulty level, Dayara Bugyal is an easy trek, which means it is perfect for beginners. Located in District Uttarkashi of Uttrakhand, Dayara Bugyal stands at an elevation of above 10,000 ft/3048 m.

Where is Dayara Bugyal trek?

Dayara Bugyal is a beautiful alpine meadow situated in the north-west part of Uttarakhand in India. It is approximately 45 km from the famous town of Uttarkashi and around 190 km from Dehradun. To reach Dayara Bugyal, first make your way to the base camp Raithal.

Where are Bugyals found?

Bugyals are alpine pasture lands, or meadows, in higher elevation range between 3,300 metres (10,800 ft) and 4,000 metres (13,000 ft) of the Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, where they are called “nature’s own gardens”.

Which Trek is better Kedarkantha or Dayara Bugyal?

Dayara is shorter and easier. Kedarkantha is relatively tougher, and for your extra work, you are rewarded with great views. Both can be done by fit first-timers. Kedarkantha should have some snow in last week of March.

Is there snow in Dayara Bugyal?

The weather of Dayara Bugyal in January is covered with snow. The minimum and maximum temperature in Jan is -5 and -5 respectively. The weather of Dayara Bugyal in February is chances of snowfall. The minimum and maximum temperature in Feb is -2 and -2 respectively.

What is Bugyal in English?

English: A Bugyal is a high altitude alpine grass lands, or meadows, in Uttarakhand, India. They are locally referred to as ‘nature’s own gardens’. They can be flat or sloped, and are carpeted with green grass and seasonal flowers. आमतौर पर ये ८ से १० हजार फीट की ऊँचाई पर स्थित होते हैं।

Where are alpine meadows found?

First, the dry alpine meadows in cold deserts like Ladakh; widespread but containing only sparse vegetation. The second type of alpine meadows are situated in the western Greater Himalayas – the states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh or Jammu and Kashmir. Such alpine meadows receive enough rain and snowfall.

Which is better Brahmatal or Kedarkantha?

Be it Kedarkantha or Brahmatal, surely both will make its place among the best winter snow treks in India….Kedarkantha or Brahmatal: Which trek is better?

Attributes Kedarkantha trek Brahmatal trek
Duration 6 days 6 days
Grade Easy Easy
Physicality 5.5/10 5.5/10
Maximum Altitude Kedarkantha peak (3820 m/12500 ft) Khamila Top summit (4000 m/13120 ft)

Which trek is best Brahmatal or Kedarkantha?

Kedarkantha Vs Brahmatal

Trek Details Kedarkantha Brahmatal
Base Sankri Lohajung
Best Time All season(except monsoon) Winter
Trek Type Summit(Peak) Glacial Lake
Scenic Spots Juda ka Talab Govind Wildlife Sanctuary Kalanag or Black peak Bekaltal Lake Brahmatal Lake Mount Trishul

How do I get from Dayara Bugyal to Dehradun?

To reach Dayara Bugyal from Raithal, Take a Bus from Delhi to Dehradun or Rishikesh. From Dehradun/Rishikesh, take a local Taxi to Uttarkashi. Get down at Uttarkashi and board another Taxi to Raithal Village. Don’t forget to follow my adventures on Instagram here and here.

How many Bugyals are there?

There are three types of bugyals.

What do you mean by pasture Bugyal write its main features?

The features: (i)Bugyals are vast natural pastures on the high mountains, above 12,000 feet. (ii)They are under snow in the winter and come to life after April. At this time the entire mountainside is covered with a variety of grasses, roots and herbs.