How do Antagomirs work?

How do Antagomirs work?

Antagomirs are microRNA inhibitors that inhibit miRNAs but, because of the promiscuity of microRNAs, antagomirs could affect the regulation of many different mRNA molecules. If a Blockmir binds to a non-intended RNA, it will only cause an effect if it prevents binding of a microRNA or another cellular factor.

What is Antimir?

Ambion® Anti-miR™ miRNA Inhibitors are chemically modified, single-stranded nucleic acids designed to specifically bind to and inhibit endogenous microRNA (miRNA) molecules. These ready-to-use inhibitors can be introduced into cells using transfection or electroporation parameters similar to those used for siRNAs.

How do you silence a microRNA?

A widely employed approach in miRNA loss-of-function studies is to use chemically modified antisense oligonucleotides, termed antimiRs, which sequester the mature miRNA in competition with cellular target mRNAs leading to functional inhibition of the miRNA and derepression of the direct targets (Figure 1).

What is the role of miRNA?

The miRNA functions as a guide by base-pairing with target mRNA to negatively regulate its expression. The miRNA base-pairs with target mRNA to direct gene silencing via mRNA cleavage or translation repression based on the level of complementarity between the miRNA and the mRNA target.

What is Agomir and Antagomir?

Agomir is double-stranded and can regulate the biological function of the target gene by mimicking endogenous microRNAs. Antagomir, with a design that is based on the mature microRNA sequence, is single-stranded and is specially developed for inhibiting the expression of endogenous microRNA.

What is an Agomir?

Agomir is chemically-modified double-strand miRNA mimics which can mimic mature endogenous miRNAs after transfection into cells. They can up-regulate the endogenous miRNA activity by utilizing the natural miRNA machinery. They are recommended for miRNA functional in vitro and in vivo studies.

How do miRNA inhibitors work?

The standard method for inhibiting microRNA (miRNA) function is by steric blocking, using an oligonucleotide that is perfectly complementary to the mature miRNA target. These inhibitors form a duplex with the miRNA guide strand and prevent the miRNA from binding to its intended target.

Is microRNA an oligonucleotide?

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, non-coding RNA molecules that regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally. New classes of chemical-modified-AMOs, including locked nucleic acid oligonucleotides, have recently proved their worth in silencing miRNAs.

Can Mirna upregulate gene expression?

To date, 24521 microRNAs have been discovered and there are certainly more to come. Nevertheless, some studies revealed that miRNAs have the capability of activating gene expression directly or indirectly in respond to different cell types and conditions and in the presence of distinct cofactors.

How does the presence of Microrna silence gene expression?

We summarize recent work from our laboratory demonstrating that miRNAs silence gene expression by at least two independent mechanisms: by repressing translation and/or by promoting mRNA degradation. GW182 interacts with AGO1 and recruits deadenylases and decapping enzymes, leading to mRNA degradation.

How many miRNAs do humans have?

There are now over 2000 miRNAs that have been discovered in humans and it is believed that they collectively regulate one third of the genes in the genome. miRNAs have been linked to many human diseases and are being pursued as clinical diagnostics and as therapeutic targets.

What is microRNA biogenesis?

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that function as guide molecules in RNA silencing. Biogenesis of miRNA is under tight temporal and spatial control. Dysregulation of miRNA is associated with many human diseases, particularly cancer and neurodevelopmental disorders.

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What is the dose of agomir/antagomir?

The dose of Agomir/Antagomir varies greatly with the way of administration. The dosage regimen is referred to as follows: Dosage per mouse (body weight 15-20g): Agomir/Antagomir 200nmol (Generally need 3 injections).

What are ‘antagomirs’?

These ‘antagomirs’ are chemically engineered oligonucleotides with sequences that complement natural miRNAs. Intravenous administration of antagomirs to miR-16, -122, -192 and -194 in mice caused a marked reduction of corresponding miRNA expression in liver, lung, kidney, heart, muscle, intestine, fat, skin, bone marrow, ovaries and adrenals.

What is the difference between miRNA inhibitor and antagomir?

Also called as antimiRs or blockmirs, Antagomirs constitutively inhibit the activity of target miRNAs and are used for loss-of-function studies. AcceGen MIRacle™ miRNA Agomir is the advanced product of miRNA mimic, MIRacle™ miRNA Antagomir is the advanced product of miRNA Inhibitor.