How do I activate AVG on another device?

How do I activate AVG on another device?

On the new Android device, download and install the latest version of AVG AntiVirus from Google Play Store….Transfer your subscription

  1. Uninstall AVG Internet Security from the original PC.
  2. Install AVG Internet Security on the new PC.
  3. Activate your subscription on the new PC.

How do I add a subscription to AVG?

AVG Account: Sign in to the AVG Account that is linked to the email address you provided at checkout, then click the Subscriptions tile. The valid platforms and products for each subscription are listed under Install on your devices.

What is AVG license number?

The license number will be hidden with the “X” symbol due to security reasons. You can check the license number by logging into AVG my account using this link: . If you still couldn’t find the license number do let us know.

How do I activate AVG free AntiVirus?

AVG AntiVirus FREE activates automatically when the application is installed on your PC. You can check which subscriptions are active at any time: Open the AVG AntiVirus FREE user interface and go to Menu ▸ My Subscription. Scroll to Subscriptions on this PC and click the down arrow on the AVG AntiVirus FREE panel.

How do I transfer AVG to new phone?

Transfer your subscription

  1. Optionally uninstall AVG Mobile Security from the original device.
  2. On the new device, install the latest version of AVG Mobile Security from the App Store.
  3. Activate your subscription on the new device.

How do I activate AVG Premium?

Open AVG Cleaner and tap Get started ▸ Upgrade now. Tap ⋮ More options (three dots) ▸ Enter activation code. Enter your activation code (including hyphens), then tap Confirm.

How do I find my AVG license number?

How to Show/ Copy your licence number

  1. Run AVG (start -> all programs -> AVG 2011 -> User interface).
  2. Double-click the License component.
  3. Your AVG License Number is shown in the middle section of the screen in AVG.

What is AVG subscription?

Short and simple, AVG will provide protection from most computer viruses, malware, ransomware and zero day attacks out there. You get the internet security, tune-up, VPN, password protection and you get the Pro versions on Android devices with the Ultimate edition.

How do I activate AVG ultimate?

How do I renew my AVG Free license?

To renew a subscription via your AVG Account: Log in to your AVG Account using the link below:….Renew your AVG subscription

  1. Select the Subscriptions tile.
  2. Click Renew now below an expired subscription.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase.

How do I remove a device from my AVG subscription?

Uninstalling a Single Device

  1. Navigate to the Devices page.
  2. Click the More button (three dots) next to the device you would like to uninstall.
  3. Click Remove and Uninstall.
  4. Click Yes.

How many devices can I use with AVG antivirus?

10 devices
Subscription options You can activate AVG Ultimate (Multi-Device) on up to 10 devices simultaneously, on the platforms of your choice. On each device, you can choose to activate all or some of the available products for the relevant platform.

How to enter activation code for Avg?

Ensure you have correctly entered your activation code,including hyphens.

  • Use our webform or your AVG Account to retrieve a copy of your activation code,then try activating the subscription again.
  • If activation using your activation code still doesn’t work,try following the instructions to activate using your AVG Account.
  • How to install and activate an Avg product?

    Click the button below to open our download and installation help page: Get product

  • Use the Choose your product drop-down menu to select your purchased product.
  • Use the Choose your platform drop-down menu to select your platform.
  • Click See Installation Instructions,then follow the on-screen steps.
  • How to get my activation code?

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    How do you activate a code?

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  • avoid using personal information such as your name,social insurance number,mailing address,or email address; and
  • always keep this information secure and do not share it with anyone.