How do I add a Sitelink extension to Google Ads?

How do I add a Sitelink extension to Google Ads?


  1. Click Ads & extensions in the page menu on the left, then click Extensions.
  2. Click the plus button , then click Sitelink extension.
  3. From the “Add to” drop-down menu, choose the level you’d like to add the sitelink: Account, Campaign, or Ad group.

Can you see sitelink performance in sa360?

Sitelinks can be configured to display in all campaigns and ad groups in an account. You can also choose the sitelinks that display in selected campaigns and ad groups. Search Ads 360 then reports on performance and conversions for each sitelink.

What is promotion Extension in Adwords?

Promotion extensions offer more opportunities for your customers to click on and within your ad, but you won’t be charged for more than two clicks per ad impression. However, if someone quickly clicks on more than one link while viewing an ad, this gets treated as a second click and you won’t get charged.

How do you create a Sitelink for a website?

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Make sure that your website’s name is unique.
  2. Add structured data to your Website.
  3. Ensure your website’s structure and navigation is crystal clear.
  4. Rank #1 for your brand name in search results.
  5. Add a sitemap.
  6. Build internal links.
  7. Crosscheck your page titles.
  8. Raise brand awareness.

How is sitelink performance measured?

How To Measure Sitelink Extensions Performance

  1. Review Sitelink performance within AdWords.
  2. Segment by click type.
  3. Review actual performance of Sitelinks.
  4. View Sitelink performance in Google Analytics.
  5. “This Extension vs. Other” view.
  6. View “Other” performance.
  7. Analytics Sitelink data.
  8. Compare time periods.

How does Google Ads measure sitelink performance?

In Google Ads, you can access performance data by opening the ad extensions dashboard. The extensions view shows an aggregate of sitelink performance metrics from the top-level under “all campaigns.”

How do I create a promotional extension?

How to create promotion extensions

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Go to the Ad & extensions page menu and click Extensions in the subpage menu.
  3. Click on the plus button and select Promotion extension.
  4. Choose to add the promotion extension to your account, campaign, or ad group.

Is promotion a advertising?

Advertising is a one-way communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain them. Promotion involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company. Advertising may be one form of promotion.

How do sitelink extensions work?

Sitelink extensions take people to specific pages on your site (for example, a specific product or store hours). When someone clicks or taps on your links, they go directly to what they want to know or buy.

How do structured snippets work?

Structured snippets allow your ads to highlight specific aspects of your products and services. These ad extensions provide context on the nature and variety of your products and services before visitors click through to your site. Each snippet contains a header and list of features you would like to highlight.

Was ist eine Sitelink-Erweiterung?

Sitelink-Erweiterungen erscheinen unter geeigneten Anzeigen, die vor, bei oder nach einem anderen Video auf YouTube eingeblendet werden. Auf Mobilgeräten werden sie nur unter geeigneten Anzeigen präsentiert. Es sind mindestens zwei Sitelink-Erweiterungen erforderlich, damit Sitelinks in der Anzeige erscheinen.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Landingpage und Sitelink?

Das heißt, Sie zahlen immer denselben Betrag, unabhängig davon, auf welchen Link in einer Anzeige (Landingpage oder Sitelink) ein Nutzer klickt. Mit Sitelinks haben Nutzer mehr Möglichkeiten, auf Ihre Anzeige zu klicken. Pro Anzeigenimpression werden Ihnen jedoch höchstens zwei Klicks in Rechnung gestellt.

Wie verwende ich Sitelinks?

Um Sitelinks zu verwenden, müssen Sie Anzeigen nicht neu erstellen oder bearbeiten. Detaillierte Daten zu Klicks sehen: Sie sehen, wie viele Klicks durch Anzeigen mit Sitelinks erzielt wurden. Die Statistikdaten lassen sich nach Kampagne, Anzeigengruppe oder Anzeige aufschlüsseln.

Wie viele Sitelinks sind erforderlich?

Damit Sitelinks in der Anzeige erscheinen, sind bei Computern mindestens zwei Sitelink-Erweiterungen erforderlich, bei Mobilgeräten dagegen nur eine. Wie viele Sitelinks präsentiert werden können, hängt davon ab, wo Nutzer die Anzeige sehen: