How do I change multiple components in Altium?

How do I change multiple components in Altium?

To edit all selected objects, open the Properties panel by clicking the Panels button then choose Properties. To edit only the last object selected, right-click then choose Properties. Indirect Editing – the attributes of one or more objects that have previously been selected can be edited using the PCB List panel.

How do I edit a schematic library in Altium?

Edit – click to open the Properties panel in which you can view/edit properties associated with the active component. The panel provides access to create links to new models or edit existing ones. Double-clicking on a Design Item ID entry will also open the Properties panel.

How do I change an existing symbol in Altium?

Right-clicking on the top-level entry for a symbol itself, in the Explorer panel, or right-clicking on the symbol entry in the Components panel will edit the latest revision of that symbol.

How do I edit a PCB file?

If you want to edit a package(footprint) in the PCB, you can use the Ungroup/Group function same as the schematic….Edit Footprint in PCB

  1. Select a footprint.
  2. Click the Group/Ungroup Symbol… button.
  3. Edit the shape or pad what you want to change.
  4. Select all of the items and click the Group/Ungroup Symbol… button.

How do you change units in Altium?

There are some other ways to change the units of measurement in Altium Designer’s layout tool. You can use the command: “Toggle Units” found in the View pulldown menu as shown below. As with the schematic, you can also use the keystroke shortcut combination of “vu” to change the units.

How do you swap parts in Altium?

It is accessible in the following ways:

  1. In a PCB document, right-click on the component then select Component Actions » Configure Pin/Part Swapping.
  2. In a schematic document, right-click on the component then select Part Actions » Configure Pin Swapping.

How do you select similar components in Altium?

Press Shift+F then click on an object in the workspace to use as the template. Right-click over the required template object in the workspace then choose the Find Similar Objects command from the context menu.

How do I import parts into Altium?

To import a footprint, symbol, and 3D Model into Altium Designer:

  1. Open Altium Designer.
  2. Choose the File > Open menu items and select the downloaded UL_Import.
  3. Click the Open button to automatically run the script.
  4. Select UL_Form.
  5. Select Run.
  6. Select UL_Form.
  7. Choose the AltiumDesigner.
  8. Click the Start Import button.

How do I add sub parts in Altium?

Go to the Tools pulldown menu and select “New Part.” Now you will see a little arrow next to the component in the list, and when you click on that arrow, the list will display the new part as you see on the right side of the image below.

How do you add parts to Altium?

Adding Component Parameters

  1. Double-click on the component name in the SCH Library panel to open the Properties panel in Component mode.
  2. On the Parameters tab, click Add.

Is the single component editor feature available in Altium Designer?

This feature is only made available, provided the Single Component Editor extension is installed as part of your Altium Designer installation.

How do I edit multiple items at once in Altium?

The process of editing multiple items in Altium involves three steps: Select the objects to be targeted. Inspect the properties of those objects. Edit the properties that need to be amended.

What are the regions in the component editor?

The Component Editor, when operating in its Single Component Editing mode, can be divided into four key regions. Component – where you define key properties of the component, including its Name, Description, unique Id, Type, resident Folder, and reference to any Component Template as required.

What is the single component editor extension?

This Single Component Editing functionality is delivered through a purpose-made extension for the Component Editor – the Single Component Editor extension. The Single Component Editor extension. This feature is only made available, provided the Single Component Editor extension is installed as part of your Altium Designer installation.