How do I check my UET merit list?

How do I check my UET merit list?

Merit List Will be displayed on UET Admission Portal and Outside the UET Administration Office.

What is A1 category in UET merit list?

Subsidized. Only Punjab domiciled candidates, having requisite qualification (other than DAE), can apply for open merit seats under ‘A1’ category. Partially subsidized. Not eligible for financial support.

What is the merit of UET?

UET Merit List 2021

Discipline Campus Minimum Aggregate
Electrical Engineering LHR 77.45
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering LHR 77.175
Mechanical Engineering KSK 77.0863636363636
Computer Science KSK 76.6636363636364

What is the merit of UET Lahore 2021?

UET Final Merit List 2021

Discipline Campus Minimum Aggregate
Architectural Engineering LHR 55.1340909090909
Architectural Engineering LHR 52.5272727272727
Architecture LHR 77.2340909090909
Architecture LHR 70.24

What is the date of ECAT result 2021?

ECAT result 2021 has been announced on July 12, 2021. UET Entry Test result 2021 is updated here as it has been declared. UET ECAT Result 2021 is also available at UET ECAT test date 2021 is Monday, July 12, 2021.

How many times ECAT is conducted in a year?

Each year around 40,000 students attempt this test while there are around 3000 open merit seats in public sector engineering institutions of the Punjab….ECAT Pakistan.

Acronym ECAT or Combined Entry Test
Year started 1998
Duration 1 hour and 40 minutes
Score / grade range -100 to +400
Offered Once a year

What is the fees of UET?

BS / Undergraduate Degree programs by UET, Lahore Fee Structure 2022 and Last Merit

Degree – Program Duration Fee/Year
B.Sc. [Engg.] – Civil Admission 4 Years 127000
B.Sc. [Engg.] – Computer Engineering Admission 4 Years 127000
B.Sc. – Computer Science Admission 2 Years 127000
B.Sc. [Engg.] – Electrical Admission 4 Years 127000

What is S category in UET?

The selection and allocation of disciplines are made by the University according to merit. S , SI The children of overseas Pakistanis, having requisite qualification other than DAE, can apply under ‘S’ category. The children of overseas Pakistanis, having passed DAE, can apply under ‘SI’ category.

What is the fee of UET?

Students admitted on open merit are provided (Rs. 4250 p.m.) financial support which consists of (Rs….UET LAHORE Fee Structure for Undergraduate Program 2021.

NON RECURRING FEES Local Students (Rs) International / Overseas Pakistani Students (Rs)
Tuition Fee 5000* 7500
Lab Fee 100 500
Sports Fee 50 50
Transport Fee 200 200

Is UET better than Giki?

GIKI’s star department, at any time soon is Mechanical Engineering and beats UET’s Mechanical in terms of quality of curriculum, faculty and opportunities apart from the industry. But if you are mainly looking for a job in industry after graduation, there will not be a major difference.

Which engineering is best in Pakistan?

Here is a List of Top Best Engineering Fields in Pakistan.

  • Civil Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Electric engineering.
  • Nuclear engineering.
  • Chemical engineering.
  • Architectural Engineering.

How can I check my ECAT result?

Students can get online ECAT results 2022 after the official announcement of the University….Following is the method for ECAT result 2022 check online:

  1. Go to UET admission portal
  2. Click on ECAT Result Notified.
  3. Enter Entry test Roll No.
  4. Enter CNIC Number (without dashes)
  5. Enter Login.