How do I contact the Qld police?

How do I contact the Qld police?

General enquiries—phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or +61 7 3328 4811 for international callers. Police officer issued notices—contact the relevant police station.

How do I get a police welfare check Qld?

If you’re concerned about a person’s safety or welfare, contact Policelink on 131 444 or your local police station. If the matter is urgent, phone Triple Zero (000). There is no time limit for reporting someone as missing.

How many police stations are there in Qld?


Queensland Police Service
Stations 335 (May 2020)

How many police stations are there in Townsville?

TOWNSVILLE has some of the busiest cops in Queensland, with the city’s five 24-hour stations responding to about 240 calls for service each day.

How do I contact the police in Australia?

For police assistance where there is no immediate danger or to report non-urgent crime call 131 444. If you experience any difficulties calling an area or an individual please contact the AFP switchboard on 02 5126 0000.

How do you call the police?

To call the police, dial 911. Remain calm when calling and give your name, address, and phone number. If you are using a cellphone, provide the state and city you are calling from.

What shows up on a police check Qld?

This includes convictions, sentences, penalties, and pending charges. This includes: Findings of guilt, good behaviour bonds, community-based orders, and suspended sentences. Traffic infringements (e.g., drink or drug driving, excessive speeding) for which you are convicted.

Can you text Qld police?

SMS (text) notifications To improve communication between the Queensland Police Service and the community, police can now send a SMS (text) to a person from their Queensland Police Service email account. The message receiver will be able to reply directly to the sender by texting a reply message.

How much do Qld police get paid?

The starting salary of a First Year Constable is $78,554* per annum, which comprises $64,921* + 21% Operational Shift Allowance (OSA), which is a fortnightly allowance paid to employees who equitably participate in a two or three-shift roster over seven days per week.

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How do I find my local police station?

How to Know Your Nearest Police Station?

  1. Visit the Passport Seva Website.
  2. On the left-hand column, under “Information Corner”, click on Know Your Police Station.
  3. Select your State.
  4. Select your District.
  5. A list of police stations in that district will populate.

What is PoliceLink?

PoliceLink is a mutli media Contact Centre providing a quality service to the communities of NSW. PoliceLink receives contacts from members of the NSW Community including: Emergency Calls – Triple Zero (000) Non-Emergency Calls – 131 444. Crime Stoppers – 1800 333 000.