How do I contact Zalora customer service?

How do I contact Zalora customer service?

+63 (02) 8 858 0777
1.3 We can be reached via e-mail at [email protected] and through direct line at +63 (02) 8 858 0777.

How much does it cost to sell on Zalora?

Though Zalora does not have any subscription fees, you will have to pay once you start listing your items. The commission to be paid can range from 10-30% and may change according to Zalora’s policies. Hidden costs may also be incurred from return products.

How do I become a Zalora merchant?

What are the steps required to sell on Zalora?

  1. Go to to begin the seller registration process.
  2. Fill out the required Form.
  3. Log in to your account- Upload your products.
  4. Update your product price and maintain Stock.
  5. And That’s it with the registration and the account setup process!

Is it free to sell on Zalora?

You should know that becoming a seller on the Zalora marketplace is not free. However, the majority of the cost is incurred after the registration of your online shop. All products that you will sell on Zalora will incur different percentages of commission based on its type and range which can be 10% to 30%.

Can anyone sell on Zalora?

Selling on Zalora marketplace does not come for free. However, most of the fee is incurred after registering your online fashion shop. Zalora website is a bit inviting as anybody can register as long as you can comply with the outlined requirements. This is facilitated by free registration to its marketplace.

Is Zalora a dropshipping?

With more than 350 million consumers having access to the internet in the region, it gives Zalora dropshipping a massive, immaculate potential for eCommerce business. Since 2021, The brand is rendering its service to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Is Zalora a Philippine company?

Zalora Philippines was part of Zalora Group, a Singapore-headquartered online fashion retailer that operated across Southeast Asia. Zalora Group, in turn, was part of a global entity called Global Fashion Group (GFG), which owned online fashion retailers and brands in emerging markets across the world.

What is Zalora marketplace?

Online fashion retail Zalora, has launched its ‘marketplace’ as a platform for aspiring fashion businesses looking for an online platform to boost their presence. Since its introduction the ‘Marketplace’ platform has already showcased more than 100 local labels to Zalora’s ever-growing customer base.

Which country is ZALORA from?

Zalora Group

Type of business Privately held company
Available in English Indonesian Chinese
Founded 2012
Headquarters Central Area, Singapore
Area served Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei

Who is Zalora competitors?

ZALORA’s top competitors include Lazada, iPrice, Filling Pieces and Orchard Mile. ZALORA is an e-commerce platform and website, providing fashion and footwear products. Lazada is a company developing an online shopping and selling marketplace.

How can I sell on Zalora from India?

Requirements to Open an Online Shop on Zalora Your business must be duly registered with all permits and registration forms, and you must be of above 18 years at the signing of the contract. You need to adhere to all the relevant state laws and policies of the nation where your business operates.

Where can I sell my product in Malaysia?

Sell Your Products Easily in These 7 Awesome Apps!

  • Carousell. Google Play Store: 500,000+ downloads.
  • Duriana. Google Play Store: 100,000+ downloads.
  • Lelong. Google Play Store: 100,000+ downloads.
  • M2U Pay Snap&Sell. Google Play Store: 10,000+ downloads.
  • eBay Malaysia.
  • Lamido.
  • Closetstyles.