How do I control my Philips DVD player without a remote?

How do I control my Philips DVD player without a remote?

General information. The Philips MyRemote App lets you use your iPhone/iPod Touch or Android smartphone as a remote to control your Philips products such as networked audio and video systems, Blu-ray players and home theatres. This free App is created exclusively by Philips.

What remotes are compatible with Philips?

Without further ado, here are my picks for the five best universal remotes for Philips TVs:

  • #1 – Best Value: Inteset Universal.
  • #2 – Most Versatile: Sofabaton U1.
  • #3 – Premium Pick: Harmony Elite.
  • #4 – Universal Remote App: Broadlink.
  • #5 – Budget Choice: Philips OEM.

How do I get a new Philips remote?

You can call Philips consumer electronics directly to order a replacement remote control: 1-919-573-7854.

How do I use my Philips home theater without a remote?

Control your Home Theatre system with the app

  1. Download the Philips Application, ‘MyRemote’ from Apple’s App store.
  2. Connect your smartphone to your home network via Wi-Fi, the application does not work via 3G (For detailed information refer to the user manual of your smartphone)
  3. Connect your HTS to your home network.

How can I use my phone as a remote for my DVD player?

Select Setup → Network Settings → Media Remote Device Registration. Connect your Android device to the same Network your Blu-ray Disc Player is connected to. Start Media Remote for Android app on your Android device. When you open Media Remote for the first time, you will see Connect Device screen.

Will a universal remote work on a Philips TV?

Your Philips TV can be controlled with a universal remote and work with RCA remotes, Comcast, DirecTV, Charter, and more.

How much is a Philips universal remote?

Philips Universal Replacement Remote – Controls 3 Devices- Big Buttons. New & Used (4) from $11.94 FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon.

How much does a Philips remote cost?

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Can I use my phone as a home theater remote?

Most Android smartphones have infrared emitters built right in. The simplest way to control your home theater from your mobile device is to use infrared. While these apps are worth trying out, a better bet is to download a third-party universal remote app such as IR Universal Remote or Galaxy Universal Remote.

How can I use speakers without remote?

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  1. I own these: good sound.
  2. From experience if the remote is damaged or lost, you can use the volume control on the side to also control inputs and turn on and off the speakers.
  3. There is an on/off switch on the side of one of the speakers.