How do I delete recent searches on Google homepage?

How do I delete recent searches on Google homepage?

In the Google settings page, tap Search. Now under Privacy & accounts, look for the “Show recent searches” setting and uncheck the box next to it. That’s all! You should no longer see recent Google searches on your Android device.

How do I remove an entry from Google search?

Log in to your account. Choose “Removal” from the “Index” menu. Select the “Temporary Removals” tab. Hit the “New Request” button (keep it on “Remove this URL only”) and enter the URL of the page you wish to remove entirely from search results and Google’s cache.

Why can’t I delete recent searches on Google?

In the Activity controls section, open the Web & App Activity section. Next, click Manage Activity and you’ll see a running log of everything you’ve done with Google services recently. You can also click the Auto-delete option at the top of the list to set up regular deletion of your Google search history.

How do I remove words from my search bar?

Simply click on the search bar and when the word appears click it and hold it, but don’t let go. Then click the delete key. This will allow you to delete only specific searches in the dropdown.

How do I delete previous search suggestions?


  1. Open the Google Chrome App.
  2. Tap the Three Vertical Dots in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Privacy.
  5. Ensure Search and site suggestions is unchecked.

How do I get rid of trending searches?

If you want to disable this feature on Android or iOS, go to Then select More options (the three lines). Go to Settings, navigate to Auto-complete with trending searches, and tap Do not show popular searches. Restart your browser.

Does Google keep records of my searches?

Google stores a record of everything you search for on if you’re logged into your Google Account. You can clear your local browser history, but that won’t clear what’s stored on Google’s servers. You’ll now be able to review and delete recent search history within Google search itself.

How do I clear my Google Chrome search suggestions?

Computer. Click the three-dot menu in Chrome ⁝. It’s at the top-right corner of your browser. If you just want to delete an individual search suggestion, hover your mouse cursor over the suggestion and click the X on the right side.

How do I get rid of Google trending searches on my computer?

On the bottom right corner, click Settings. Select Search Settings. Look for the Auto-complete with trending searches section. Select Do not show popular searches.

Why am I getting trending searches on Google?

Google’s search suggestions are based on currently trending queries. The algorithm analyzes searches of people around the globe and recommends the most popular searches to other users.

Can someone see your search history if you delete it?

In technical terms, your deleted browsing history can be recovered by unauthorized parties, even after you cleared them. Your browsing history is made up of various items, such as, site URLs, cookies, cache files, download list, search history and so on.

Can your parents see your search history even if you delete it?

So Can My Parents See My Search History? No, they can only see your browser history by accessing your computer only. Also, if you deleted your website search history, your parents wouldn’t see your search history even if they have the password to your computer.

How do I Delete my Google search history?

Important: If you delete Search history that’s saved to your Google Account, you can’t get it back. You can delete a specific activity, or delete your Search history from a specific day, a custom date range, or all time. On your computer, go to your Search history in My Activity. Choose the Search history you want to delete.

How do I remove a page from Google search results?

For quick removals, use the Remove URLs tool to remove a page hosted on your site from Google’s search results within a day. Protect or remove all variations of the URL for the content that you want to remove. In many cases, different URLs can point to the same page.

How do I turn off auto delete on Google search?

On the left or at the top, click Controls. On the “Web & App Activity” card, click Auto-delete (Off) . If you find “Auto-delete (On), ” Google automatically deletes your Web & App Activity, which includes your Search history, after a specific time period.

How do I delete search history and Custom range?

All your Search history: Above your history, click Delete Delete all time. A specific time period: Above your history, click Delete Delete custom range. A specific day: Next to the day, click Delete all activity from [day] .