How do I find death records in Germany?

How do I find death records in Germany?

Records regarding birth, death and marriage are normally kept by the Standesamt (the municipality offices) where the event occurred. Most cities have websites at www. (nameofcity).de where you can find the contact information for the appropriate Standesamt.

How do I find my German genealogy records?

Places to Find German Genealogy Records and Databases Online

  1. Do a “place search” in the FamilySearch Catalog for the village or place you’re looking for. Select a topic (church records for example) for that place.
  2. FamilySearch also has some genealogy databases for individual German states and cities.

How do I research my German ancestors?

Searching immigration records is a great way to find clues about where your ancestors may have started their journey. The Germany page on the FamilySearch website provides access to more than 54 million German related indexed records. It’s a valuable resource once you’ve traced your family lines back to Germany.

Is there a German version of ancestry?

Dresden, Germany Ancestry has just launched more than 11.7 million new German records, the majority of which are birth, marriage, and death records.

Are German census records online?

FamilySearch has placed online German census records for Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1867, 1890 and 1900; the one shown below is from 1867).

Are German birth records public?

Most civil registers are still located at the local civil registration offices, but some are collected in city or state archives. Since 2009 birth records have been public after 110 years, marriages after 80 years and deaths after 30 years.

Are there German census records?

A census is a count and description of the population. A few censuses have been taken by various German states, provinces, and cities, and by some ecclesiastical officials. Censuses were not taken nationally in Germany and therefore exist for only a limited number of places and times.

What is Germanic Europe DNA?

The Germanic Europe DNA region is located in the most northwestern part of Western Europe and is adjacent to Eastern Europe and Russia, a distinct DNA region. Germanic Europe is bordered by France to the west, Sweden to the north, Poland and Slovakia to the east, and Croatia and Italy to the south.

Did Germany keep census records?

How do I find someone in Berlin?

How to find a person in Germany: 10 ways to search for people in Germany by their first and last name

  1. Start search.
  2. Register of registration, residence permit.
  3. Register of registration through online services.
  4. Search engines.
  5. Phone books, directories.
  6. Search through friends.
  7. Organizations of foreign diasporas.
  8. Bulletin boards.

When did birth certificates start in Germany?

Civil registration in all of Germany Prussia (green) started in October 1874. Between 1850 and 1876, all territories instituted civil registration.

How to find German obituaries?


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  • How to read old German church records?

    Month and day ( Monat und Tag)

  • Parents ( Eltern)
  • Children ( Kinder)
  • Godparents (Although it’s difficult to read on this photocopy,I believe this column is labeled Gevattern.
  • Cross (This indicates the date when this person died.)
  • Date of baptism (12 March)
  • Names of parents (The child’s parents are Johannes Schantz and Anna Margaretha.
  • How to get a certificate of inheritance in Germany?

    provide a copy of the death certificate (available from the civil register office);

  • prove that you are entitled to inherit (extract from the civil register);
  • prove that you have not disclaimed your inheritance (declaration of acceptance from all statutory and named heirs or proof that the time limit for a disclaimer has expired).
  • Is there a place to view death certificates online?

    Is There a Place to View Death Certificates Online? Death Indexes is one place where a person can view death certificates online for free. To begin, search records by selecting the state in which the death certificate was created.