How do I find my station code?

How do I find my station code?

Where can I find the station code on the station list? The station code is mentioned in a bracket along with the name of each station on the station list.

Is habibganj a junction?

Habibganj railway station (station code: RKMP) is a railway station in Bhopal City and part of the West Central Railway….

Habibganj railway station
Habibganj railway station
Other names Rani Kamalapati railway station

What is railway station STD Code?

Central Railway

Name of Zonal & Division Railways Rly. Code MTNL/BSNL Code
Mumbai CST H.Q. 010 022
Mumbai 010 022
Bhusaval 011 02582
Nagpur 012 0712

Is Habibganj railway station Private?

See photos. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be inaugurating India’s first world-class railway station in Madhya Pradesh on November 15. The Habibgaj railway station located in MP’s capital Bhopal has been developed under a public-private partnership and developed by the Bansal Group.

What is your station?

Your station in life is your social place. It’s also a verb — like when the military stations troops to protect a border. Definitions of station.

What is the meaning of Station Code?

A station code is a brief, standardised abbreviation, or alphanumeric code, used by railways to identify a railway station uniquely (within a country or region). Codes are mostly used internally, but can be seen on railway traffic signs and on some timetables.

What is the pin code of Habibganj?

HABIBGANJ Pin Code is 202130.

Why is habibganj famous?

It is notable for the Rani Kamlapati Railway Station, the second busiest station in the city after the Bhopal Junction.

What is the code of Pune?

020 411001
STD & PIN Codes

Location STD Code Pincode
Tahsil Punecity 020 411001,411002
Tahsil Haveli 020 411021,411023
Tahsil Pimpri-Chinchwad 020 411044
Tahsil Maval 02114 410506

What are train codes?

India Railways Train New Coach Codes:

  • Vistadome Non-AC – V.S. (Coach Code: D.V.)
  • Vistadome AC – E.V.
  • Sleeper – S.L. (Coach Code: S)
  • A.C. Chair Car – C.C.
  • Third A.C. – 3A (Coach Code: B)
  • AC Three-Tier Economy – 3E (Coach Code: M)
  • Second A.C. – 2A (Coach Code: A)
  • GareebRath AC Three-Tier – 3A (Coach Code: G)

What is your station in life?

What is the meaning of station and +1 and 3 station?

Fetal Station Numbers Fetal station is stated in negative and positive numbers. -5 station is a floating baby. -3 station is when the head is above the pelvis. 0 station is when the head is at the bottom of the pelvis, also known as being fully engaged. +3 station is within the birth canal.