How do I find my Wansview IP address?

How do I find my Wansview IP address?

When the camera shows “online” on the Wansview app, tap Setting button-Advanced setting-About camera, then you can find the IP and MAC address.

How do I connect to Wansview ncb541w?

Please follow these steps to set up WiFi:

  1. Please make sure the camera is in the same room, close to the router, before performing the setup.
  2. Connect the power adapter to the camera and plug into power outlet.
  3. Connect your mobile phone with 2.4G WiFi.(5G is not supported for the camera)
  4. Add camera to the Wansview App:

How do I connect my Wansview IP camera to my computer?

Welcome to Wansview Support

  1. Please download the PC client “Wansview” and connect it with your camera.
  2. Run the “Wansview” — click + —input the information of your camera — add camera to the software.
  3. Tap setting button on top — setup the Record Path and Record Time Length then save.

Is Wansview cloud free?

Wansview Cloud APP offers 30-day for free-trial and it will save all the data you concerns, no worry about the memory card missing; It provides Free storage of Two-day motion video clips without subscribing Could service.

Can you view Wansview camera on my computer?

2. Download and install our Wansview PC software — tap + icon — click “P2P” and “search” — you’ll see your camera, please click it — input the default password “123456” — tap “add”. Now the camera will show “connected” and you can watch the live video.

Why is my Wansview camera not connecting to WiFi?

When your surveillance camera is not connecting to the WiFi Many of the Wansview users got troubled with this issue. This happens because your WiFi router may be old or may have a past version. This is the reason that it does not support the camera’s WiFi channel.

How do I reset my Wansview IP camera?

Press the reset button on camera for 15 seconds until it flashes red light quickly. Now it’s reset to factory setting. 3. Open the Wansview Cloud App — click + — choose K3 — follow the in-app instruction to connect it.

Why is my Wansview not connecting?

Can you view Wansview camera on computer?

How do I access Wansview on my computer?

Welcome to Wansview Support 1. Please make sure the camera and computer in the LAN. 2. Tap + —Search the IP address via “IP”—double-click your camera IP address— it will skip to default browser on your computer — input camera’s username and password to log in the web page.

How much does Wansview cloud cost?

Wansview cloud storage

Package Basic Extended
Monthly price $6.99 $9.99
Quarterly price $19.99 N/A
Annual price $69.99 $99.99
Learn more Visit Wansview Visit Wansview

How to connect wansview camera?

With the Wansview Skill and Alexa, you can now access your Wansview Cloud Cameras via voice control by simply saying “Alexa, show my front door.” Before you get started, please make sure your Wansview device is online and updated to the latest firmware. Then enable the Wansview Skill in Alexa app or ask Alexa to enable the skill by saying “Alexa, enable the Wansview Skill” and you will be directed to link your Wansview account with your Alexa account.

How to install wansview camera?

Real-time video streaming from your camera to your phone

  • 2-way conversation and audio
  • Unusual motion detected activity
  • Review the recorded video
  • Pan,tilt,and zoom on your phone to see more details
  • HD video with both day and night vision
  • Manage your camera Read more Collapse 3.2 4,078 total 5 4 3 2 1 Loading…What’s New
  • How to use wansview webcam?


  • Built-In Mic
  • Light Correction
  • 30fps
  • USB2.0
  • Plug&Play
  • Wide Compatibility