How do I find out what my vinyl records are worth?

How do I find out what my vinyl records are worth?

To determine the value of your record, you must first identify it. Start by looking for a Catalog Number on your record, which is often found on the album sleeve or pressed on the inner ring of the vinyl itself. Next, search for a barcode number.

Are 45 rpm records worth anything?

Rock and roll and R&B 45s with the cardboard sleeves are worth at least $20, with many being worth more than $200. First pressings of albums have more value than second, third, or subsequent pressings. They are referred to as the “originals” that were purchased when the record first hit the charts.

Are 78 rpm records worth anything?

He said that on average a rare jazz 78 might sell for $1,500 to $5,000, whereas sales for a comparable blues record would start at $5,000. Paramount’s blues releases — especially its “race” records with label numbers in the 12000s and 13000s — are among the most coveted records in the world.

What albums are worth money?

Valuable vinyl. Track Records.

  • The Beatles – The White Album. EMI.
  • Madonna – Erotica. Warner Bros Records.
  • The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request. London Records.
  • Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen/No Feelings.
  • Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.
  • David Bowie – Diamond Dogs.
  • Bruce Springsteen – Spirit In the Night.
  • What is the most valuable 45 record?

    The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold

    • The Beatles: Yesterday & Today – $125,000.
    • John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Double Fantasy – $150,000.
    • The Beatles: Sgt.
    • Elvis Presley: ‘My Happiness’ – $300,000.
    • The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) – $790,000.
    • Wu-Tang Clan: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – $2 million.

    What is the most valuable 78 record?

    Longtime Blues record collector and expert John Tefteller was the winning bidder at $37,100.00 for a super rare Blues 78 rpm record by Blues legend Tommy Johnson. This is highest price ever paid for a single 78 rpm Blues record and one of the highest prices ever paid for ANY record.

    How do I sell 78 records?

    If you want to sell it yourself and you have a lot of high-quality stuff (>$5 per record), you could post them on Facebook’s 78 RPM Sell & Trade group or list on or even Facebook Marketplace or Sometimes even lesser-quality records can be listed.

    How much is the white album worth?

    5, copy 0000001 of The Beatles aka The White Album sold for $790,000 at Julien’s auction, a new world record for a vinyl record at an auction. Early estimates for the item placed its value between $40k-60k, an estimate collector demand easily surpassed.