How do I fix Firefox errors?

How do I fix Firefox errors?

  1. Restart your computer. Sometimes problems can be fixed by simply restarting your computer and then starting Firefox again.
  2. Clear your cookies and cache.
  3. Restart Firefox in Safe Mode.
  4. Restart Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode.
  5. Reinstall Firefox.
  6. Refresh Firefox.
  7. Create a new Firefox profile.

Why is Firefox not displaying images?

Firefox allows you to prevent images from loading for certain websites to make pages load faster. If you are having trouble viewing images for a specific website: Click the Site Identity Button (the website’s icon to the left of its address). Make sure Allow is selected next to Load Images.

How do I fix a corrupted Firefox profile?

Fix 2: Delete the profiles. ini file

  1. Open the “Start” menu and type %appdata%.
  2. Select the first result to open the “AppData\Roaming” folder.
  3. Double-click the Mozilla folder to open it.
  4. Double-click the folder named “Firefox”.
  5. Delete the “profiles. ini” file.
  6. When you launch Firefox, it creates a new profile.

Why is there a 1 on my Firefox icon?

The number shows that you have one unread notificaton in respect of Firefox for Android. If you swipe down from the top of the screne on your Android device, you shold have the option to read and/or clear that notification. Hi The number shows that you have one unread notificaton in respect of Firefox for Android.

How do I change my Firefox display?

Switch themes

  1. Click the menu button , click Add-ons and Themes. Add-ons and select Themes.
  2. Scroll through the list of themes.
  3. Click Enable to use that theme.

How do I fix Javascript error in Firefox?

Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support….All Replies (2)

  1. In the address bar, type about:config and press Enter.
  2. Click “I accept the risk!”
  3. In the search bar, search for “javascript. enabled” (with no quotes).
  4. Right click the result named “javascript. enabled” and click “Toggle”. JavaScript is now disabled.

Why do some Web pages not display properly?

Clearing your cache and cookies can significantly improve your browser’s performance. These problems are often caused by your browser calling up old information from your cache or cookie folder. Clearing them usually solves the problem.

Why are the images not showing?

Reasons for Images Are Not Showing in Google Chrome. Method 1: Make Sure the Show Pictures Option is Checked. Method 2: Delete Temporary Files. Method 3: Disable Your Antivirus Temporarily.

How do I reset my Firefox profile?

Reset Firefox back to its default settings on Windows computer.

  1. Click the menu icon, then click on “Help”.
  2. Click “More troubleshooting information”.
  3. Click the “Refresh Firefox” button in the upper-right corner of the “Troubleshooting Information” page.

How do I restore my Firefox profile?

Restoring a profile backup

  1. Click the Firefox menu and select Exit. Click the Firefox menu at the top of the screen and select Quit Firefox.
  2. If your existing profile folder and profile backup folder have the same name, simply replace the existing profile folder with the profile backup, then start Firefox.