How do I fix my Fisher and Paykel washing machine out of balance?

How do I fix my Fisher and Paykel washing machine out of balance?

Try the DELICATE (if applicable) cycle or manually select a lower water level. Reduce the size of your load, or reduce the amount of powder being used as it can cause the bowl to bindle up on the shaft. Ensure an appropriate water level is selected for the load size (or select ‘Auto’ water level).

How do I fix my Fisher and Paykel washing machine not spinning?

Check the amount of detergent used, reduce if necessary. Ensure a detergent designed for use in a front loader is used. Straighten any kinks along the hose that drains water from your washer. If the kinks return, you may need to replace the hose.

Where is the drain pump on a Fisher and Paykel washer?

Access the drain pump from underneath the machine. Locate the pump in the front, right-hand corner of the washer cabinet.

How do you open the back of a Fisher and Paykel washing machine?

You can unlock the washer door to remove your clothes by opening the pump filter cover at the bottom right of your washer. Simply place a coin or key in the slot and tilt it upwards to lever the cover open. Use a tool (ie key or screw driver) to pull the door release tab down.

Why does my washing machine keep saying off balance?

The most likely culprit is the suspension rods. These rods help to limit the amount of side to side and front to back movement that happens when a washer enters the spin cycle. As these rods age, they no longer work as intended and need to be replaced.

What does out of bAL mean?

“out oF bAL” (out of balance) Wash load is out of balance.

Why does my Fisher and Paykel washing machine beep?

If your machine is beeping every 5 seconds and the high water light is lit, it means the water level in the machine is too high for the drum to spin. You can remove clothes from the machine to clear this problem. This warning light can also indicate that you need to select a higher water level to complete the wash.

How do I reset my Fisher and Paykel washing machine?

Factory Reset

  1. Turn the dial to select ‘Spin’.
  2. Touch and hold the ‘Delay Start’ ‘More’ , the ‘Delay Start’ ‘Less’ and ‘Options’ buttons together for 3 seconds will appear on the screen and the machine will beep.
  3. Your washer will now be reset to the default settings.

How much does a Fisher and Paykel dishwasher cost?

Unlike a plastic interior, an all-stainless interior won’t discolor, but it does increase the cost of a dishwasher by about $100. Some dishwashers lack a finished front-door panel, so you must furnish your own at an additional cost. This lets you match the dishwasher’s panel with your kitchen cabinetry, or to choose a stainless-steel front.

How to repair a Fisher Paykel washing machine?


  • Opening the Control Panel. Make sure the plug is off the wall.
  • Removing the Control Module.
  • Opening the Control Module.
  • Repairing the Control Board: Checking the Fuses.
  • Repairing the Control Board: Checking the Power Mosfets.
  • Repairing the Control Board: Checking the Resistors.
  • How to fix Fisher and Paykel dishwasher F1 error?

    – Press and hold the button decorated with the key and lock image for five seconds. – Press the power button to turn off power to the Fisher & Paykel dishwasher. – Wait a few minutes and then press the power button to restore power.

    How to fix a Fisher and Paykel dishwasher?

    Flip the switch at your electrical breaker box to the “Off” position to turn off your Fisher&Paykel dishwasher.

  • Pull the bottom drawer out as far as it will go and lift out the dish rack.
  • Look inside the tub on the bottom drawer.
  • Remove each of the pins with needle-nose pliers by clasping the pin and pulling it out.