How do I get from Catania to Taormina?

How do I get from Catania to Taormina?

Generally, the fastest way to get from Catania to Taormina is by train. Every day, there are around 30 trains connecting the two Sicilian cities. Generally, the trains leave from Catania Centrale or Catania Europa and arrive at Taormina-Giardini. The average journey is 50 minutes.

How much is a taxi from Catania to Taormina?

Taxi is the easiest and fastest way to get Taormina from Catania airport “V. Bellini”. The cost for a transfer from Catania airport to Taormina is 80,00€.

Is there Uber in Catania?

There is no Uber. Prearrange a transfer, or use public transport (train or bus). Any idea if pre booking a car from Catania airport is more convenient/cheaper than getting a taxi?

How much is the bus from Catania Airport to Taormina?

Welcome Pickups 24/7
Bus €12 06:45–19:45
Train €14.40 06:26–21:09

Is Taormina worth visiting?

Taormina is a beautiful mediaeval hill town with a Teatro Greco, lovely garden, alleys to wander and explore, stunning views of the sea and Mount Etna, and it’s a Tentative UNESCO site. Taormina is magical in the early morning and evening without day trippers. And local experiences are possible.

Which is better Catania or Taormina?

Yes, Catania is the better base to get around if you want to visit Siracusa, however Taormina is the better base for Mt Etna and the north east.

Is Taormina expensive?

Though Taormina is a chic and expensive resort, it is still possible to find reasonably priced and good value hotels and restaurants.

Do Rome taxis take credit cards?

All Rome city taxis are required by law to have POS machines. This means you SHOULD be able to pay with a credit card. You probably won’t be able to pay with American Express, which is somewhat unpopular among merchants in Italy due to the high fees they have to pay to accept it.

Is Uber cheap in Rome?

While you should not believe the rumors that uber is illegal in Italy, you should be warned that the service is quite expensive here. Because there is no UberX or UberPOOL, Uber in Italy tends to be more expensive than taxis on average. There is also often high demand and regular surge pricing in Rome.

How much is the cable car in Taormina?

From Taormina to Mazzaró -Taormina Mare by cable car

Opening hours Mon. 08.45 a.m. – 08.00 p.m. Tue.-Sun. 07.45 a.m. – 08.00 p.m.
Cable Car Prices Adult one-way: € 3.00 Adult day ticket: € 10.00 Adult weekly ticket: € 30.00 Adult monthly ticket: € 50.00
Timetable every 15 minutes

Is Taormina safe?

Taormina is mostly safe, with only the usual strictures about looking out for pick-pockets and not displaying wads of cash or valuables in a flagrant manner.

How to get from Catania to Taormina?

Once in Taormina, the bus stop is just 5 minutes walk from the city centre. Usually, a single ride from Catania to Taormina takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes and costs € 4.90. Generally, the fastest way to get from Catania to Taormina is by train.

How to get from Catania to Etna?

This is provided by the company Etna Trasporti. During weekdays, there is almost 1 ride per hour, except for the lunch break. First of all, you can take the bus from the bus station Viale della Libertà, in Catania.

What to do in Taormina?

Among the best touristic destinations in the South of Italy, Taormina is a city on the east coast of Sicily. As the home of the earliest Greek colonies, Taormina hosts one of the most ancients Greek theatres. Above all, there are plenty of things to do in Taormina, from Shore Excursions to One Day Tours. So, what are you waiting for?

Where is the theatre of Taormina?

The Ancient theatre of Taormina (“Teatro antico di Taormina” in italian language) is an ancient Greek theatre, in Taormina, southern Italy, built in the third century BC. Palazzo Corvaia (sometimes spelt Palazzo Corvaja) is a medieval palace in Taormina, Sicily, Italy, dating from the 10th century.