How do I get layout C in FTL?

How do I get layout C in FTL?

To unlock the third layout (Layout C) of any ship, for those ships that have a layout C, the player must reach sector 8 with the B layout of the ship in question. The Crystal Cruiser and the Lanius Cruiser do not have a third layout. All third layouts require Advanced Edition Content to be on to unlock and play.

Will there be an FTL 2?

In 2020, Subset updated the Steam version of the game to make the game’s achievements cloud-based. Subset Games has stated that they would not likely create a direct sequel to FTL, though future games they are planning may include similar concepts that were introduced in FTL.

How do I unlock engi Cruiser C?

The Torus is a reference to a ring-shaped object.

  1. Reaching the fifth sector with any Kestrel Layout unlocks the Engi Cruiser.
  2. Earning two of the three Engi Cruiser achievements will unlock Layout B.
  3. Reaching Sector 8 with the Engi Cruiser Layout B and Advanced Mode enabled unlocks layout C.

How do you get different layouts in FTL?

Other Layout A’s (Other Ships) can be earned via beating the game on any difficulty with the previous ship. The order in which you unlock is identified by an arrow with a V. See screenshot for example. You can also earn other ships by completing their respective quest.

What should I upgrade in FTL?

Re: Upgrade Priorities

  1. Shield dot 3 (1st 20 scrap)
  2. Shield dot 4 – bubble 2 (next 30 scrap)
  3. Power bar – (next 20 scrap)
  4. Power bar – (next 20 scrap)

Will Into the breach come to iOS?

Will there be an Android / iPhone port? Unfortunately, there are no plans for an Android or iPhone port at this point in time.

Is the federation cruiser layout C the worst ship?

Maybe I’m just bad at FTL, but the Federation Cruiser Layout C is (in my humble opinion) the worst ship in the game, even worse than the Engi Cruiser Type B and the Stealth Cruiser Type B. Well I beat the flagship no problem with it, honestly it consists largely of patience and trying to build around having a decidedly week weapons system.

How do I get the federation cruiser from MFK?

Once your vanquish the MFK vessel, you’ll be greeted by Vice Admiral Adara, who will give you a medal for your efforts, a package to deliver to Admiral Tully in Sector 8, and blueprints for the Federation Cruiser. Alternatively, win the game with any Kestrel Cruiser. Layout “B”: Reach Sector 5 with the Federation Cruiser “A”.

How do I get the Federation ship?

The alternative way is to defeat the final boss using the Engi ship. Defeating the final boss with any other ship won’t get you the Federation ship. Check the information given in the ship lists in-game.

What’s the point of beating the federation cruiser?

Beating it gives you a heap of fuel, scrap etc, occasionally a weapon or augment, and unlocks the Federation Cruiser Quest achievement in-game, and the ship itself if it hasn’t been unlocked already. The second one is all luck driven. You got a diverse crew but still gotta get lucky.