How do I get my first Orangetheory class for free?

How do I get my first Orangetheory class for free?

Book your FREE WEEK* through the form or find your local studio. *Offer only valid for 7-days from first visit at participating studios. Offer available.

How many times a week should you do Orangetheory?

Dr. Masteller recommends attending 3-4 Orangetheory classes weekly, while also being physically active on your off days.

Is Orangetheory worth the money?

If you’re just looking to lose weight and not significant muscle gain, I’d absolutely recommend Orangetheory. You’ll get your heart rate up and burn a lot of calories, which is exactly what you want. Given that I signed up for a membership, it’s pretty clear that I think Orangetheory is worth the money.

What’s a typical Orangetheory class?

A typical Orangetheory Fitness workout is about 55-60 minutes in length and includes both cardiovascular- and strength-training intervals broken up into blocks with breaks in-between. Participants are split into two groups, with one group beginning on the treadmills and one group beginning on the indoor water-rowers.

Do you have to wear a mask at Orangetheory?

We ask everyone to wear a face mask at all the times including during the class and in the locker room. Please refrain from talking while taking off face masks at all locations.

Is Orangetheory for Beginners?

“Orangetheory Fitness is for anyone, whether it’s your first time working out, you haven’t worked out in a while, or you workout every day — that’s because you go at your own pace,” he says. “You’re not trying to keep up with anyone. We train each person based on how their heart rate responds to the intensity.

Do any celebrities do Orangetheory?

These celebrities are big fans of Orangetheory Fitness But some stars have opened up about their love for the gym. The stunning Christina Anstead of HGTV shows Flip or Flop and Christina on the Coast has previously stated her love for the Orangetheory exercise format.

How quickly do you see results from Orangetheory?

At Orangetheory Fitness, I finished strong. I observed a significant difference in my ability to work out more intensely and felt stronger after only 30 days. In my case, the results were seen in 4 months, after hitting the gym everyday for an hour.

Can a beginner do Orangetheory?

Orangetheory Is For All Fitness Levels “The biggest misconception is that you need to be in good shape or ‘fit’ in order to do an Orangetheory workout,” Jamie said. “The truth is that our workout is geared for all levels of fitness, and everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace.” It’s true.

Is Orangetheory like CrossFit?

A key difference One of the key differences to know between CrossFit and Orangetheory is that CrossFit gyms are affiliated and Orangetheory is a franchise. Orangetheory Fitness is a franchise so workouts, equipment, and class structure will be standardized amongst locations.

Is Orangetheory hard for beginners?

It’s certainly the hardest I’ve ever worked out. At Orange Theory, you rotate from the treadmill to the rower to the weight floor. Each class is different. Each class pushes you harder than you’d ever push yourself.

Can you shower at Orangetheory?

We’ll ask that you use one of our touchless hand sanitizer dispensers before you walk into the lobby. You’ll notice floor stickers throughout the lobby to enforce safe social distancing. We’ve eliminated the use of showers, towel service and other amenities where applicable.

How much is a membership at Orange Theory?

Your first class at any OTF is free; after that, the studio’s packages start at $59 and can go up to about $200 for an unlimited plan. The average price for a drop-in class for nonmembers is $28

What are orange theory classes?

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) is an instructor-led group fitness class based on heart rate-based interval training. The class consists of treadmills, water rowing machines, and a variety of other strength- and core-training equipment.

How much does an orange theory membership cost?

That means, you can attend the drop-in class without a membership. Also, most orange theory gyms offer the first one or two classes free of cost. Contact the gym nearest to you for more details. Now, speaking of the membership plans, the basic plan will cost you $58 per month.

What is the price of Orange Theory?

Orangetheory Cost & Price Summary. Depending on your location and frequency, Orangetheory could cost from as little as $59 per month to over $189. Remember, this can vary significantly based on your local market and area. Membership Prices and Costs (Reoccurring) Basic. Elite.