How do I get my NBDE score report?

How do I get my NBDE score report?

Official NBDE results must be requested from the American Dental Association using the following process. Go to Click Send Official Score Reports and National Board Results Requests and then click Request NBDE Part I and Part II Results.

Does NBDE results expire?

7) Other thing you need to take is TOEFL iBT (costing US $170). Remember, TOEFL scores are valid for 2 years time while NBDE scores have 5 years validity.

Where do I get Nbdhe results?

National Board results are available in My Account. Follow these instructions on how to access your results. To order your examination results, please select the NBDHE Results Request in the left navigation. Examination results are audited for accuracy before being posted.

How long does it take to get Nbdhe results?

approximately three to four weeks
The National Board Examination results are made available approximately three to four weeks after the examination. Results can be viewed online by logging in to the My Account Summary page. StudentRDH past users report that they received the results about 2 weeks after the examination.

How much does it cost to send NBDE scores?

If you are applying for a license in a state that you did not select in those 3, you will have to pay $45.00 for each score report to be sent to every respective state that you are applying for.

How long is Inbde valid?

Candidates must wait a minimum of 90 days between unsuccessful test attempts. After their third failed attempt, candidates must wait one year before they can retest on the INBDE.

How long do NBDE Part 2 results take?

These scaled scores are produced from your raw score (the total number of questions you answered correctly). The scaled scores can be easily converted into percentiles using information received with your score report. You will receive your score report approximately 6-8 weeks after your exam date.

What if I fail Nbdhe?

Candidates who have not passed the NBDHE may apply for reexamination after 90 days. Candidates who have not passed the examination after 3 attempts must wait 12 months after the third attempt before they can reapply to take the examination.

How long does it take to get NBDE Part 2 results?

What happens if I fail the Nbdhe?

The results for the NBDHE will be reported as pass only for candidates who pass the test. Candidates who fail the examination will receive numerical scores for each of the major disciplines covered on the test.