How do I get rid of the ghost in Fable anniversary?

How do I get rid of the ghost in Fable anniversary?

Killing the ghost’s wife rewards the Hero with 60 evil points and causes the ghost to vanish. This must be done either before she leaves town after giving her the 500 Gold or before the reward is dug up.

How do you open Captain Dread’s chest in Fable 2?

Look for a floor switch in the room that’s covered by a pair of boxes, clear it, and press the switch to unlock the door. Through the door, you’re lead to what appears to be Captain Dread’s chambers. Open a small table next to the bed to find a key that you can use to unlock the chest in the same room.

Where is the treasure of the ghost pirate in fable?

The treasure is to the left of the pier on the western beach. Pirate’s wife is standing a little bit further to the west. When you return to the ghost, he’ll disappear and tell you there’s a reward for you buried under the axe of the statue in Memorial Garden (Silver Key + Obsidian Axe).

How do you know where to dig in fable?

You’ll need a spade in order to dig them up. In Fable and The Lost Chapters, dig spots are identified by the appearance of the spade icon on the D-pad when walking around.

What happens if you marry Lady GREY?

If you choose to marry Lady Grey in Fable, Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary you will receive a dowry of 15,000 gold: the largest marriage dowry in the game. Because she will not follow the hero outside of Bowerstone in the original game, it is generally considered impossible to kill her.

Where is Myra in Oakvale?

the well
Myra is a woman found by the well in Oakvale. She is the woman you need to give the love letter to in the quest The Sick Child.

Can you save Charlie Fable 2?

Rescuing Charlie is a side quest in Fable II available once the Hero reaches Bloodstone. It is reminiscent of the Hobbe Cave quest in Fable.

What happens if you keep reavers seal in Fable 2?

The Shadow Court explains that whoever is carrying the dark seal must sacrifice their youth so Reaver can stay young. Keep hold of the Dark Seal. The Hero will be punished with wrinkles, glowing red eyes, and grey hair. Once the Hero finishes the Retribution quest, they will return to normal.

Do you need a shovel to dig in Fable anniversary?

A spade is an item that appears in most of the games in the Fable series. It is required to dig up items that have been buried throughout Albion and Aurora.

What happened to Oakvale?

Fable II. The ruins of Oakvale in Fable II 500 years after the events of Fable/TLC, Oakvale was officially destroyed and taken over by the Shadow Court. The Shadow Court killed everyone within the Oakvale region as payment for the young man’s request. The boy lost everyone he loved in exchange for his immortality.

Do you get evil points for marrying Lady GREY?

Also, there is nothing bad/evil about marrying Lady Grey. If you do so in ignorance of what she did, then nothing there is nothing wrong about it. Now if you investigate first then cover up for the marriage.

What happens if Lady GREY falls in love with you?

If you marry Lady Grey as your only wife, move into Fairfax Castle, have a child with her, then undergo The Rescue quest, all Family trails will lead to the wall in Fairfax Gardens….Marital Homes.

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