How do I know if my Ercol is real?

How do I know if my Ercol is real?

Ercol furniture can be identified by a label, stamp, or badge, depending on the year that it was made. The pieces from the 1950s to the 1970s would each have a small, square label that is blue and silver. This maker’s mark evolved to the most recent centenary logos which has the Ercol lion.

What does Ercol blue label mean?

the date of manufacture
The blue label is not specific to a particular Ercol range, it is simply an indication of the date of manufacture. Very roughly, blue labels were used from 1954 to 1976 and the gold labels from 1977 to 1995.

How do you know if furniture is Ercol?

To be sure that the item you’re considering for purchase is authentic, a signal marker of the earliest Ercol pieces (from a date of manufacture circa. early 1950s – mid 1970s) is the characteristic blue-and-silver Ercol label, which is typically small and square.

Are Ercol chairs comfortable?

Bristol Upholstery’s specialist knowledge and expertise with Ercol chairs was reassuring. We are delighted with the result. The cushions are a good fit, perfect colour and very comfortable. I love the fact that they securely staple with popper fasteners under the chair seats, and can be unzipped for washing.

Is Ercol made in China?

A British brand, all of our ranges are designed and developed by our in-house design team based in Princes Risborough. We also work with our manufacturing partners around the globe, from Europe to the Far East, working to ercol’s design principles and standards.

What wood is Ercol Golden Dawn?

Elm Wood
Ercol Elm Wood Golden Dawn Pandora Coffee Table.

Is there a market for ercol furniture?

There is a strong market for secondhand Ercol furniture on eBay. I recommend eBay for anyone who wants to buy or sell Ercol. As a buyer you will get the widest choice and the best prices. As as seller you will get the best price.

What wood is Ercol made from?

Ercol furniture is made from high quality timber including hard woods, ash, walnut and oak, to name just a few. The wood is most often sourced from North America and Europe, whilst their fabrics are produced in mills in Belgium, Italy and beyond.

What wood did Ercol use?

ercol work with solid wood and wood veneers. We use elm, beech, ash, oak and walnut. These hardwoods are mainly from North America, Europe and China where the forests are highly sustainable. Which timber we use depends on which best suits the particular design.

Is ercol furniture made in China?

ercol has been designing and manufacturing furniture in Buckinghamshire since its formation 100 years ago in 1920. A British brand, all of our ranges are designed and developed by our in-house design team based in Princes Risborough. Country of manufacture can be seen on individual product pages.

What Colour is Ercol Golden Dawn?

The biggest confusion is with “Golden Dawn”. This is a stained finish that was introduced around 1982 and which is surprisingly dark – but it is often used to describe blond pieces.

Why is Ercol so popular?

The reason why Danish furniture was so popular during the post-war period was because the Danes harnessed machines to create stylishly designed, beautifully crafted furniture in wood. The same was true of Ercol, which is why the company was so phenomenally successful.

What is an Ercol chair?

Using beautiful pale woods native to the UK such as elm, beech and ash, vintage Ercol chairs count among their number iconic designs such as the Ercol loveseat, Windsor rocking chair, and the Ercol Butterfly and lounge chairs. There are a few stylistic things to consider when incorporating an Ercol chair into your home.

What colour should I paint my Ercol chair?

There are a few stylistic things to consider when incorporating an Ercol chair into your home. Some confusion can stem from the finish and colour of vintage Ercol chairs. Anything described as ‘light’ or ‘blond’ should be a natural, clear finish. This is the lightest finish available, but note that it can darken considerably with age.

When did Ercol furniture come out?

In the late-1940s, Ercolani rolled out his mass-produced Ercol furniture for the first time and went on to become an iconic household name in post-war Britain.

Is Ercol a mid-century British design classic?

When you think of ‘mid-century’ design – in particular the post-war 1950s through to the ‘60s – few classic brands epitomize the mood and feel of the period better than Ercol: a quintessentially British design classic that exudes quality and nostalgia.