How do I know if my target tune is working?

How do I know if my target tune is working?

How can I tell if Target Tune is working? At any given operating condition there is an AFR, or Lambda value the ECM is trying to achieve. Using the fuel table as a reference, you can simply monitor the real time AFR or Lambda on your Power Vision while riding, or create a datalog to verify.

How do I set up a target tune?

Plug the connectors from the Target Tune into the stock O2 sensor connectors (Fig. A). Plug the Target Tune lead with the YELLOW/ ORANGE wire into the FRONT cylinder stock O2 connector. Plug the Target Tune lead with the YELLOW/GREEN wire into the REAR cylinder stock O2 connector.

Does the power vision have to stay plugged in?

It does not need to stay plugged in – we will flash the stock ECU with a new program and tuning data, and then we just unplug the unit and ride away. It can give fuel consumption figures and tell the rider when he is going to run out of fuel, data log, read and clear fault codes and more.

Does Power Vision have auto tune?

The Power Vision sets up the tune in a temporary state for maximum data collection and correction generation. Once tune has flashed to your ECM select OK and turn the ignition switch to the off position for 10 seconds. Auto Tune is now enabled and you are ready to start your first Auto Tune session.

Can you dyno tune with a Power Vision?

Yes, the Power Vision can be tuned by a professional using a dynamometer. The bike is strapped down on a dyno, and air fuel ratio is measured in the exhaust pipes at various rpm/loads. This information is saved in the ECM of the motorcycle.

How do you AutoTune with Dynojet Power Vision?

Choose Tune to enable Auto Tune

  1. Turn Ignition switch and Run switch to ON position.
  2. From main screen select PROGRAM VEHICLE then touch ACCEPT.
  3. Choose AUTOTUNE to to enter the main Auto Tune screen.
  4. To enable Auto Tune select ENABLE AT which brings up the Tune Manager.

Are dynojet tunes any good?

Vendor. Exactly what Mega said, their canned tunes are good but if your looking for more power or different options they are out there from a lot of good tuners. That’s the beauty of the Dynojet, can try and use different tunes from many companies.

What is Power Vision Auto Tune?

Power Vision sets up the tune, monitors and logs the data, and then corrects the tune to ensure what you ask for (in the AFR table) is what you get. You essentially have a full time professional tuner inside your Power Vision with the Auto tune feature.

Where can I get help with my power vision for Harley-Davidson?

Below you will find the available manuals, install guides, software guides, license guide, trouble shooting guides and software for your Power Vision for Harley-Davidson. If you need help with your Power Vision for Harley-Davidson, please contact our Power Vision for Harley-Davidson Customer Support team.

What is the size of the power vision tune database?

2021+ NEWER ONLY! Power Vision Tune Database – Version (13.66 MB) (Dec 08, 2021)

Can the power vision provide meaningful tuning feedback?

The Power Vision can provide meaningful tuning feedback from EITHER the OEM narrow band O 2 sensors AND / OR from the Auto tune module’s wide band O 2 sensors……we call this Auto tune Basic or Pro respectively.