How do I pay my CMA demurrage?

How do I pay my CMA demurrage?

1Go to the Invoice Dashboard under “My CMA CGM” menu then “Manage your invoices” and select all the invoices you want to pay (you can select up to 35 invoices at the same time). 2Click on “Actions” and select “Pay my invoices” to pay more than one invoice.

What is detention and demurrage?

Demurrage is charged by the shipping line per day per container from the date of discharge till the full container is moved out of the port or terminal for unpacking. Detention is charged per day per container from that time till the empty container is returned to the shipping line’s nominated depot.

How is detention calculated?

Per diem detention fees are typically calculated based on when the containers leave the port, terminal or depot through the time they are returned there. They range from $50-$100 per container per day on average until equipment is returned. Driver detention fees vary based on the company, equipment, and geography.

What is detention invoice?

Detention refers to the charge that the merchant pays for the use of the container outside of the terminal or depot, beyond the free time period. This free period is supposed to allow the merchant a realistic period of time for: The loading and delivery of the container for an export.

What is detention deposit?

Detention: the payment charged by shipping companies to their clients for the use of their containers outside the free period, after they have left the terminal. As long as the containers are still at the terminal outside this free period, this payment is referred to as demurrage.

How are container detention charges calculated?

In the calculation of Demurrage charges to the shipowner/port authority, the demurrage rate is multiplied by the number of days/part days over the agreed free days.

What does detention fee mean?

Within the shipping industry, the terms “detention charges” and “per-diem charges” (or, “per day charges”) are often used interchangeably. These charges are assessed to the cargo owner when a container is not returned within a set number of days (free days).

What is demurrage free time?

Demurrage costs are applied from the moment the free time expires until the end of the day when the container is picked up and removed from the terminal. If there is an error and it takes place within the allotted free time, the container problem can be rectified and the container shipped out properly.

How much is demurrage charges in Dubai?

Rates & Tariffs: Import Demurrage and Detention Free Time and Charges in UAE

Revised DND slab after Standard Free Time D20′ D45′
11th Day to 15th Day 150 300
16th Day & thereafter 300 600
1 – 3 Days Free Free
4th Day to 8th Day 200 n/a

Who is responsible for demurrage charges?

The shipper is generally responsible for demurrage charges, but the consignee also may be legally obligated to pay, depending upon who was at fault for the delay and which party was contractually responsible to pay freight or other charges.

What is a detention fee?

What is “detention charges” in shipping terminology? A detention fee is assessed when the truck is held at the pickup or delivery location longer than the allotted “free time.” Now, the “free time,” varies depending on carrier. Generally, it’s two hours at pickup and two hours at delivery.

What is trailer detention?

Detention is a charge made on trailers/containers held by or for a consignor/consignee for loading or unloading, forwarding directions or any other purpose. Typically, there are 2 hours free time before detention becomes an issue.