How do I prepare for Cambridge English Proficiency CPE?

How do I prepare for Cambridge English Proficiency CPE?

Read widely and often. If you read widely and often it enables you to acquire knowledge of aspects of English such as collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs and linkers, and get a feel for the syntax of written English. A good thing to do here is to get equipped with good textbooks preparing for C2 Proficient (CPE).

How do I prepare for a proficiency test?

English Proficiency Exam Study Strategies

  1. Understand the test.
  2. Start listening early.
  3. Don’t neglect the verbal.
  4. Consider using flashcards.
  5. Get an official test-prep book.
  6. Find a tutor or a test-prep class.
  7. Work on your timing.
  8. Plan ahead for writing success.

What level is fluent?

In my view, B2 is the level where you are fluent. If you look at the summary description below you will see that this level, sort of advanced intermediate, is actually quite high. It means you understand most situations, and can express yourself on a wide variety of subjects, albeit with mistakes.

How can I improve my English CPE?

How to Improve your English Vocabulary for the CPE Exam

  1. Reading is better.
  2. The more you see vocabulary, the more you will understand what it means.
  3. Read articles and essays, not novels and books.
  4. Read interviews with famous people as well.
  5. Finding material to use and read.
  6. Avoid reading the BBC.
  7. Make a list of the topics and vocabulary you need to learn.

What is the difference between elementary and intermediate?

Elementary means, you can understand basic phrases and can interact in a simple way. Pre intermediate– You have a general idea of what is being said but have some difficulties. Upper Intermediate– Student has an understanding of everyday language with a few grammar and vocabulary errors and can speak without strain.

Is fluent better than intermediate?

An advanced intermediate Should be well able to communicate and may only be missing the finer points in the language. I would consider that to be fluent. An advanced speaker should be able to communicate much as they do in their native tongue but most likely still have a strong accent.

How do I write a CPE exam review?

How to write a CPE review?

  1. Read task, underline content points. Brainstorm an appropriate title and introduction.
  2. Divide content points into paragraphs. -What do you want to say? Add your notes to each paragraph in a simple form. -How are you going to say that?
  3. In your conclusions, give your overall critical assessment.

How hard is CPE exam?

Besides, the examiners at CPE level are notoriously difficult to please and I know students who have sat the exam several times and each time failed by 1 or 2% and it was the subjective parts (writing and speaking) that pulled their marks down.

Is English B1 level good?

A B1 level of English would be sufficient for interactions with English speakers on familiar topics. According to the official CEFR guidelines, someone at the B1 level in English: Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.

How do I pass the CPE exam?


  1. Practice, practice, practice!
  2. Develop a strategy that will let you talk for 2 minutes in a coherent way.
  3. When your speaking test partner is talking, don’t speak.
  4. You get 10 seconds to gather your thoughts before you have to start talking.
  5. You aren’t expected to be an expert in the topic.

Is Cambridge better than ielts?

Despite their differences, one test is not more difficult than the other. You might find the Cambridge tests more interesting than the IELTS, which is a bit more academic, but it doesn’t mean that one is easier than the other.

Is intermediate fluent?

Conversant: An intermediate level of language where you may be skilled in carrying through conversations, but there is greater formality and less familiarity compared to a native and fluent speaker; reading and writing skills may or may not be at the same level.

How do you write a CPE essay?

How to write an essay? | C2 Proficient (CPE)

  1. Step 1: Read the topic and write down two key points of each extract.
  2. Step 2: Introduction: Make a plain reference to the topic of the two texts.
  3. Step 3: Body paragraph (1) = Topic sentence + Point 1 + Point 2.
  4. Step 4: Body paragraph (2) = Topic sentence + Point 3 + Point4.
  5. Step 5: Body paragraph (3) = Your opinion.

How many words should you know for C1?


Is it hard to pass CAE?

The Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) exam is a very difficult to pass.

How do you write an article for CPE?

The CPE article may be formal, semi-formal or informal, depending on the target group. Use a descriptive vocabulary and language relevant to the article. Combining words and expressions with a variety of vocabulary will only improve your work and make it more interesting.

What does intermediate level mean?

: relating to or having the knowledge or skill of someone who is more advanced than a beginner but not yet an expert. intermediate. noun. English Language Learners Definition of intermediate (Entry 2 of 2) : a person who has the knowledge or skill of someone who is more advanced than a beginner but not yet an expert.