How do I reset my comfort star remote?

How do I reset my comfort star remote?

After 15 seconds, the unit will revert to its previous display. To reset the reminder, press the LED button on your remote control 4 times, or press the MANUAL CONTROL button 3 times. If you don’t reset the reminder, the “nF” indicator will flash again when you restart the unit.

What does EC mean on Comfort Star inverter?

EC. Refrigerant leakage detection. EE. Water-level alarm malfunction.

Is Comfort Star a good AC?

I have used several AC companies over the years and I must say that Comfort Star is BY FAR the BEST I have ever used. They are prompt, courteous, professional and extremely easy to work with. Their work is impeccable.

Why is my AC not responding to remote control?

Check that the metal components are not corroded and replace the batteries. Double-check the user manual to ensure you are using the correct batteries and also remember to inspect the remote to make sure you insert them the right way round. The next step is to check the LED light on the top of the remote control.

What is reset button in AC remote?

5. 6. RESET Button. Once the recessed RESET button is pressed, all of the current settings will be cancelled and the controller will return to the initial settings.

What does dF mean on comfort star?

ComfortStar AC Code = “dF” when defrosting. ComfortStar AC Code = “SC” when unit is self-cleaning.

Why does my aircon says EC?

An EC error on your air conditioning unit means that your system is experiencing a Refrigerant Leakage Detection Error. In other words, the system has found a leak.

What do I do if my Bluestar AC remote is not working?

Check the batteries. Just like how you’d open up the back of a TV remote to rearrange the batteries, the same can be done with the AC remote. Arcos Turn over the remote control and slide the back cover off. Rearrange the batteries and try again.

How do I turn off the lock on my AC remote?

To unlock your AC remote, press and hold the plus (+) and minus (-) button at the same time. The first time you do this, the remote control may lock. Press the buttons again and it should unlock.

What is a Comfortstar inverter?

The Inverter is the combination of an Inverter rotary compressor and an intelligent compressor controller. Eliminate compressor hard starts which is the main cause of high power consumption. Reach set temperature quicker compared to conventional systems. Maintain steady room temperature for better comfort.

What does E1 mean on a mini split?

In general, an E1 error code means that communication between the mini split system’s indoor and outdoor units has been hampered. It might be facing intermittent connection issues or have failed entirely.

Where can I find comfortstar air conditioner manuals and user guides?

4 ComfortStar Air Conditioner Manuals and User Guides (21 Models) were found in All-Guides Database ComfortStar CPP048CD (O)-DU. ComfortStar Air Conditioner CPP048CD (O)-DU.

What is the size of an R410A inverter split air conditioner?

R410A Inverter Split Air Conditioner < 15,000 25 (82ft) 10 (33ft) ≥ 15,000 and < 24,000 30 (98.5ft) 20 (66ft) ≥ 24,000 and < 36,000 50 (164ft) 25 (82ft) ≥ 36,000 and ≤ 60,000 65 (213ft) 30 (98.5ft) Connection Instructions – Refrigerant Piping

What is the function of the Inverter Module Protection?

—-Inverter module protection itself has a protection function against current, voltage and temperature. If these protections happened, the corresponding code will display on indoor unit LEDandA/Cwillstop.Theunitwillrecover3min delayaftertheprotectiondisappeared. 6.3.5Lowvoltageprotection VOLTAGE No limit VOLT_LTM_FREQ1_ADD VOLT_LTM_FREQ2_ADD