How do I reset my Verifone Eftpos machine?

How do I reset my Verifone Eftpos machine?

Press the * button. Press 3 to select 3 Terminal Restart and then press the Select button. The terminal will display Restart terminal Do you want to restart the terminal? press Yes or Select for the terminal to restart.

How do you use a card machine as a waitress?

Ask your customer to insert their card into the card machine. Once the merchant receipt is printed, tear it off and ask the customer for their signature. Remove the card from the card machine and check that the signatures match. Then follow the onscreen prompts to complete payment.

Where do I find my Verifone merchant ID?

Terminal ID: You can find this on all of your receipts. It is the last four digits of the ‘TSP’ number.

What is key entry transactions?

What Is A Key-Entered Transaction? Key-entered transactions are performed in a store when the merchant’s card reader is malfunctioning or if the card itself cannot be read. So instead of swiping the card, the employee will manually enter the card’s information into the system.

What is keyed in transaction?

A keyed-in transaction is a credit card payment that where a person manually types in the card information. This is also known as a ‘keyed’ or ‘manually entered’ transaction. It’s used when the card can’t be swiped or chip-read, either because it isn’t physically present or for other reasons.

What is Verifone password?

The Verifone default password is Z66831 and is loaded on all Verifone devices in the field. The purpose of this default password is to simply initiate terminal installation, and it is not intended to serve as a strong security control.

Why is my Eftpos machine not printing?

If your terminal is printing blank: Check to see if the paper roll is inserted correctly. If it’s inserted incorrectly, it will print blank due to the thermal paper. Open the printer cover, drop the paper roll into the paper holder with paper coming out of the bottom of the roll towards print head.