How do I set up TomTom Sport connect?

How do I set up TomTom Sport connect?

Start the TomTom Sports mobile app on your Android™ device and make sure you’re logged in to your TomTom account. Tap Get started at the top of the Latest tab. From the Clock screen on your watch, press DOWN to open the Settings screen, then select PHONE and press RIGHT . Select PAIR NEW .

Why are TomTom watches no longer available?

TomTom is officially taking a step away from wearables and action cams. Back in July, we reported that TomTom was reassessing its place in the wearable market after disappointing sales. That, plus key wearable executives leaving the company, seemed to signal its impending exit from the wearable market.

Do TomTom still make sports watches?

There has been no announcement from TomTom that the Sports platform is going away, they have simply ceased all development on it (which happened over 18 months ago).

How do I reset my TomTom watch?

Factory reset in recovery mode

  1. Place your watch in the dock before you connect the dock to the computer.
  2. On your watch, move DOWN but keep the button pressed.
  3. Connect the dock to the computer.
  4. Release the button and wait for TomTom Sports Connect to show Reset .
  5. Click Reset .

How do I download TomTom watch?

Getting started

  1. Download TomTom MySports Connect from and install it on your computer. TomTom MySports Connect is available for free.
  2. Place your watch in the desk dock and connect the dock to your computer. Follow the instructions that TomTom MySports Connect gives you.

Why won’t my TomTom watch connect to my computer?

If your device does not ask you if you want to connect to the computer, try the following: Make sure your device is fully charged before connecting it to the computer. First connect your device to the computer and then turn on the device using the On/Off button. Try using a different USB port.

How do I connect my TomTom watch to my laptop?

Connecting to a computer

  1. Download and install TomTom MySports Connect.
  2. Connect the watch to the computer.
  3. Register the sports watch.
  4. Log in or create an account.
  5. Synchronize the watch and the computer.

How do I reset my TomTom sport watch?

Which TomTom should I buy?

– Prepare your TomTom unit before your trip. You’ll want to mount and prep it before you begin your journey so you’re not fidgeting with it while trying to drive. – Stay current on your maps. – Optimize phone settings if you have them. – Verify that the charging ports you’ll use to charge your TomTom are working properly.

Can you use TomTom on foot?

installed tomtom navigation just for checking on my ipad. very suprised. IOS app still supports route by foot or bicycle. so please explain this tomtom and solve this bug for android users.

What are some types of TomTom GPS systems?

TomTom leads the industry in the production and design of high-tech vehicle navigation systems and advanced sports watches. TomTom Navigation is broken up into three business units: consumer, automotive, and licensing. Each of these units is responsible for different parts of a GPS unit’s design, testing, production, and marketing.