How do I upgrade Family Tree Maker?

How do I upgrade Family Tree Maker?

Yes! You can currently order an upgrade to FTM 2019 at a discounted price for returning users. For more information, make sure you are on the FTM Mailing List which you can sign up for at

What is the current version of Family Tree Maker?

Software MacKiev touted four major improvements: FamilySearch integration, FamilySync, Color Coding, and Photo Darkroom….Family Tree Maker.

Original author(s) Kenneth Lafferty Hess
Developer(s) Software MacKiev
Initial release 1989
Stable release 2019 (Version 24.0.1) (November 2019)
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X

Can I download Family Tree Maker 2019?

Both Mac and Windows users can utilize the FTM 2019 software. For new users, the FTM 2019 program can be downloaded at the website. The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading the Family Tree Maker 2019 software. Step 1: Go to and log in.

Can I upgrade Family Tree Maker 2010?

Q: Will FTM 2010 replace my old version’ A: No. Family Tree Maker 2010 will install as a completely separate program and will not affect your old program. If you do not want to keep your old version you will need to uninstall it.

Can I install Family Tree Maker 2019 on two computers?

Once you purchase the Family Pack of Family Tree Maker 2019, you may install Family Tree Maker on up to 3 computers in your home. It can be a combination of Mac and Windows.

How do I update Family Tree Maker 2014?

Users of older Family Tree Maker editions: You can upgrade for to FTM 2014 or Mac3. Upgrades from any edition will be available as a download for $29.95 (vs. $69.95 regular price). There will also be an option to receive an installation CD for an additional $10 by mail.

Can I download Family Tree Maker on more than one computer?

You may install Family Tree Maker on up to 3 computers in your home. The three computers may be any combination of Mac and Windows. You do not need a Family Pack if you have a desktop and laptop computer on the same platform and you are the only user of both.

How do I transfer my Family Tree Maker 2019 to a new computer?

Make sure you have your most current version of Family Tree Maker installed on your new computer. On the new computer, double-click My Computer and browse to the drive where your backup file is stored (CD, DVD, or flash drive). Once you have found your backup (. ftmb) file, right-click it and select Copy.

Can I upgrade Family Tree Maker 2005?

Yes, You will be able to upgrade your old FTM to new version.

How to transfer Family Tree Maker to new computer?

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What is the best software to make family tree?

Family Tree Builder (by My Heritage)

  • Legacy Family Tree
  • RootsMagic
  • Mac Family Tree
  • GenoPro
  • The Next Generation (TNG) of Genealogy Sitebuilding
  • GRAMPS Genealogy Software
  • Family Tree Heritage
  • Ancestral Quest
  • Family Historian Genealogy Software
  • How to install Family Tree Maker software?

    You can install it on up to three computers.

  • It can be a combination of Windows PC/laptop or MacBook Pro or iMac.
  • In case you are using Family Tree Maker on a desktop and laptop on the same platform with a single user,there is no need of buying Family Pack.