How do you beat the final boss in Final Fantasy 2?

How do you beat the final boss in Final Fantasy 2?

Mages should use Holy, Flare, or Ultima to attack. The Blood Sword is famously effective against the Emperor, draining at least 1/16th of the Emperor’s HP, dealing more damage than most weapons.

Who is the final boss in Final Fantasy 13 2?

Jet Bahamut
Jet Bahamut is the final boss of Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is the transformed state of Caius Ballad after his defeat on the beach in Valhalla. He is supported by Amber Bahamut and Garnet Bahamut.

How do I get Bahamut ZERO ff7?

Obtained. The Bahamut ZERO Materia is found in the Cosmo Canyon planetarium. It is obtained when the player interacts with the Blue Huge Materia, after having obtained the Bahamut and Neo Bahamut Materia.

Who becomes Ragnarok in ff13?

Vanille, Fang, and the rest of the party resolve to save Cocoon rather than destroy it. Vanille and Fang becoming Ragnarok. When the party passes through Edenhall and descends into Orphan’s Cradle, Barthandelus orders them to accept their destiny and kill Orphan and the whole of Cocoon.

Is Cloud of Darkness evil?

Unlike many Dark Forms, the Cloud of Darkness is not evil because she is an embodiment of darkness, but rather because she was created from the imbalance between light and dark, as her predecessor, Flood of Light, was exactly like her and comprised of light when the balance was shifted in light’s favor, and was …

Who summons the Cloud of Darkness?

Cloud of Darkness is the final boss in the game Final Fantasy III and appears in Dissidia Final Fantasy. She was summoned accidentally from the World of Darkness by Xande and tries to return the world to a state of nothingness.

How do I get to the final boss?

For a final boss, this is ridiculously easy. Assuming you know how to beat the ten million Caiuses before the actual boss, you will need a RAV monster (such as Cloudburst), a COM monster (Proto-Behemoth or another heavy hitter), and a SEN monster (Silver Chocobo if you didn’t use it for racing). Create the following paradigms.

What level do you have to be to beat the boss?

The boss itself is lvl 50-55 (different forms have a different level) so..yeah what Wynvkius said. This game is very much the kind where you overpower the game in no time at all. It’s the main reason they added Trial Mode, so there are fights that actually put up…well a fight.

What level should I be for the final dungeon?

Around 40 – 45. With some decent equipment at that level (bought in Balfonheim or obtained elsewhere), the battle (s) in the final dungeon won’t be too difficult nor too easy, especially since you’re a first time player. Have fun! 25 if you want any sort of challenge. Killed him in about 5 hits at level 65.

What level should I be to beat katakus?

If you have the gear/abilities to survive, you can beat him at level 1, and if your gear/abilities is/are subpar you could lose at 70. “1% of the users received 95% of the karma bonuses. Occupy GameFAQs.” -DetroitDJ